Clumsy Bird – Mimy Iceland Review 2021

Experienced gamers will probably recall the Flappy Bird arcade about a bug-eyed bird flying over green pipes. This game was so challenging and so addictive to people all over the world it instantly became an Internet phenomenon which lasts to this day. On Mimy Islenska, you can play with an unforgettable first game ported to HTML5.

Flap your tiny wings as fast as possible in Clumsy Bird as a dangerous and thrilling experience awaits you.Initially this game was released on May 24, 2013, by a tiny Vietnamese firm”Gears”. The game was initially introduced for iOS, then for Android.

The game was not popular for quite a while before it took off at the top graphs. According to analysts in Distimo, this past year, the program ranked # 1 as a free iPhone app in 107 countries, 109 countries for iPad, and 19 nations in the Google Play shop. The excitement around the game attained such a degree that eBay users were ready to pay $100,000 to get a smartphone with Clumsy tape installed. Why has this game become so common?

It is a very simple game in which you have to navigate like a bird and beyond the obstacles. Every time when you click on a button, the bird flies up. The gameplay does not change throughout the entire game. Therefore don’t make it soar too high since you may crash the bird. That means you need to tap the button at the ideal moments to make the flight as long as possible!

The advantages of the game are:

  • its simplicity and comprehensibility, even a kid will figure it out;
  • one effort does not require over 5-15 seconds, so you can play it in a traffic jam;
  • you don’t have to put in it, so you’re going to save your phone’s memory;
  • friendly 8-bit style, unique graphics, sounds, air. The pipes and sound are taken out of Mario, everyone’s preferred from Nintendo, therefore the consoles’ owners will look it over anyhow.

Incidentally, were you aware that this kind of cute game could lead someone to a nervous breakdown and also make them smash their mobile phone? For many people, this sport has become quite addictive. They didn’t sleep at nighttime; they tried to soar as far as possible without even taking a break that resulted in irritability and anger. The creator, Nguyen, stated,”Flappy Bird was created so that you may play for a few minutes when you are relaxing.” “But this product has become a drug. I decided that this was a serious issue. I’ve done it forever.”

On our website, you have a exceptional chance to return in time and enjoy one of the very contradictory games ever created. Play Clumsy Bird, grab your mimy decoration for your own success. Enjoy!