What are the best social media platforms to gain & retain fans?

It is fair to say that social media has revolutionized the way the business world works. Anyone from a major clothing brand to grassroots musician and from industry personalities and influencers to back-bedroom start-up companies use social media as a major part of their business strategy. Gone are the days where the only way to find your audience was through expensive PR campaigns involving prominent billboard advertisements and prime-time TV slots, although they are still effectively utilized by many. Now many smaller companies run their promotions themselves, tailoring expenditure in time and money to match their budget.

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But having a wealth of followers on your page or platform isn’t the same as having an audience. Followers are merely people who have joined your page at some point and might never have been back for a second look, whereas the audience is the subset of those followers who are actively and regularly engaging with your page. Followers are nice to have, an audience is essential. But which are the best platforms to aim for?


One of the oldest and certainly the best known social platform, Facebook is an obvious place to start just because of its sheer size and coverage. But its size is also a drawback. With so much information moving through the system, the site algorithms target and tailor the potential audience feeds and the only way to ensure that you are getting to as many people as possible is through paid promotion. You can utilise all sorts of tricks, build anticipation, employ fancy Facebook font generators but at the end of the day, it is a targeted promotion that opens the right doors and that costs. But the costs are tailored to the size of the campaign, so it is easy to widen your campaign as the company grows and your budget increases.


Although not an obvious place to run a social media campaign, when used in conjunction with other sites such as Facebook or Canva, Twitter becomes a very useful tool. Although limited by the number of characters available, Twitter is useful for automated re-posts, and so you can make it run passively in the background, sort of like a distribution service for your social media posts. Again, all sorts of clever ploys will help you get noticed and grow your audience. Following like-minded people will encourage them to follow you in return, similarly, re-posts of interesting content will attract attention and making your posts stand out through interesting content and the use of Twitter font generators can make for an eye-catching page.

There are plenty of other platforms to use. Instagram is great for striking images, YouTube for video content, Messenger and What’s App for more conversational and one-on-one promotion. But these should be considered later add-ons and the starting point for any brand, artist or company should be the big two of Facebook and Twitter. Once that is working for you, you can build all manner of additional platforms and promotional ideas around them but getting the foundations solid in the first place is the key to social media success.