New Video By Kristina Murrell “Got Me Dreaming”

There’s no denying your fate; if you do, someone else will make sure not to let the moment pass for you. For Kristina Murrell, that person is her step-dad, the man who reached out to music producer Sonny King on her behalf to ensure her talent does not get wasted. After relocating to the United States in 2015 from Bridgetown, Barbados for school, the R&B queen immediately impressed those around her with her glowing personality and songstress creativity. This led to a record deal with Music For Love International and a production deal with Music By King Inc.

The singer wants to use her platform to showcase her country and show everyone the amazing people and culture of Barbados. She takes after fellow Barbadian-born stars like Rihanna but combines various genres like R&B and pop to create her own exclusive sound. Her lyrics focus on the polar extremes of love and heartbreak; her words are honest, her experiences real, and her manner candid.

When you find your person, your world instantly feels whole. It’s someone who can check off all the boxes of all relationships needed in life. A best friend? Check. A romantic partner? Check. But a cheater? Yikes. The singer’s new music video “Got Me Dreaming” contains a plot twist, and it sure is an eye-opener. While Murrell serenades her deceiving boyfriend, flashbacks display their happy walks filled with joy and warmth. It turns out he was too good to be true because she finds sickening flirty suggestive messages on his phone. The cheery track transitions into “Make Yourself Free,” a hostile warning from her debut album Passion & Pain. Murrell kindly tells her ex-man to excuse himself. She’s hurt but doesn’t give in to his two-timing ways. She knows her worth and lets him go before he can hurt her anymore. In all of their happy memories, he was preoccupied with his phone, obviously texting his other girl on the side. Enough is enough – Murrell takes his worthless rose and throws it on the ground as he shows himself the door.