Magic Island shares ‘Bury Me Alive’ single

Magic Island returns with her second single Bury Me Alive, out today on Mansions and Millions.

Berlin’s underground pop queen Magic Island returns with the second single Bury Me Alive, taken from her forthcoming album So Wrong, to be released on Mansions and Millions on 14th May 2021.

Listen here –

Following her powerful first single So Wrong, a classic love song about the impossibility of letting a loved one go, Bury Me Alive opens in a similarly ethereal way, only to introduce ultra-contemporary trap elements as an antipode to Czerny’s soul-filled voice and drag the song into a different, almost apocalyptical direction. Which fits quite well to Magic Island’s lyrics: “I wrote this about my angst with the current global climate, about poverty, police brutality and how political unrest reaches the point of revolution.”

“It was one of our favoured children from this album, the track just fell out of us (us being me and Phong Ho, my producer for the album). The first time we heard back we got tingles when the beat drops at the first chorus… ! This track maybe has the most metaphoric lyrics on the album, every sentence describes some angst towards the system that is destroying us.”