4 Beautiful Ways to Upgrade Your Tour Van

A tour van is a residential home and a commercial business. This is where you live for months at a time and where you work and earn a living. There are numerous ways that you can improve this living space. Here are four upgrades to make for a van.


Insulation is needed to preserve the warmth and comfort of your van. On cold days, the heater may break down or work at half capacity, so rely on the insulated walls, floor and ceiling to maintain your comfort. During the summer, insulation maintains a cool interior and saves energy on your cooling system. Overall, have reduced energy bills and lowered vehicle repair and maintenance bills.


Apply the process of car detailing to a tour van. It’s easy to collect stains along with dirt and debris that fall between the seats, cracks and corners. Hire a team of professionals to detail the interior and exterior from top to bottom. Exterior detailing may involve using a pressure washer to spray the windows, doors and sides. An interior detail may involve vacuuming the floor, wiping down the upholstery and removing stains from the dashboard, ceilings and windows. An engine detail involves cleaning under the hood, removing oil and grease.


Like the floors of the rooms in your house, you have several choices for flooring in a moving van. Look for a floor that provides an extra layer for insulation but is also durable, washable and comfortable. Since you and your passengers can spend months in a tour van, put comfort at the top of your list. Consider carpeting in the sitting areas and hardwood floors for the kitchen and dining area.


The average tour van has countless accessories but little space to put them. You can have piles of small items, from utensils to toys and food wrappers, rolling around the floor or strewn across the furniture. Install plenty of shelves and baskets into the walls and have them available in every section of the van. Reduce the litter that is common in tour vans, and save the time, money and energy of having to clean and detail your van.

Moving from place to place is a stressful experience for professionals. Even when you’re surrounded by helpful friends and luxurious amenities, you still get restless and uneasy being on the road all the time. Make several upgrades to make any tour van more efficient and livable.