New Video By Keelie Walker “Girls Night”

Most pre-teens are still figuring themselves out; they’re navigating who they are while dealing with the increasing pressures of growing up. Looking back, many people would agree that their young teenage years were filled with awkwardness and self-consciousness. Up-and-coming pop artist Keelie Walker can’t relate because when she was 14, she was opening up for Jason Derulo, West Life, and Little Mix on LM5: The Tour!. She’s been training for her music career nearly her entire life; she began dancing at six years old and shot her first music video at just 11. The Nashville local focuses on sunny pop marinated with a splash of R&B; she takes after icons like Beyoncé, Doja Cat, and Kehlani. Music is her outlet, and lyrics are her vehicle for expression; everything she pens comes from her heart and direct experiences. No matter what someone might be facing in life, Keelie Walker hopes to reach out through the positive and real message her music sends.

The now 17-year-old has been featured by BBC’s playlist show, Heat Magazine, and Shout Magazine. She’s also received tons of radio love from BBC, Kiss Fm, and Bauer. Notably, she garnered over 1 million streams on Spotify. Keelie was also among the youngest to perform at Wembley Arena – a monumental note to add to her early career wins. She isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

From the creator of the “hot girl summer” mood herself, Megan Thee Stallion states that the popularized phrase is all about “just being you, just having fun. It’s turning up, driving the boat, and not giving a damn about what nobody’s saying.” You own your happiness and steer the direction in which your life is headed. Keelie Walker takes that narrative and carries out that mood in her new pop music video, “Girls Night.” It’s just her, her girls, and a good time; the only factors needed to live your best life. Produced by Brian “Yung Ladd” Pickens (Lil Wayne, Young Thug), Lambert “Stereo” Waldrip (Zendaya, Mya), and Xcellence (Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa), Keelie dominates the streets of Nashville and backyards in the suburbs. She and her girlfriends jam out, dance, and genuinely enjoy the day. While a few boys might appear in the video, don’t think they’re necessary to complete a girl’s night. She makes it clear that “you’re cute, but you’re cocky. I don’t need you.” “Girls Night” comes fittingly from The Girls Night EP, which touches on inner personal matters and heavier subjects like anxiety and depression. One direct treatment of those feelings, though, is a carefree and fun night with your besties.