We’ve Got Eyes For Matty Marz In Latest Single ‘Nu Eyes’

Matty Marz is back with another undeniable banger this month as his sensational single ‘Nu Eyes’ has burst onto the scene. Matty Marz may not be a household name over here in the UK, but without a doubt, Matty will soon be infiltrating our airwaves and piloting our playlists. Boasting an Instagram caption claiming Matty is “pop’s new innovator,” if Matty Marz’s track record is anything to go by, he might be just that. With over eighty-thousand streams (and counting) fuelling his Spotify feed, Matty Marz is set on a path for total pop domination — and I couldn’t be more excited. The New York native is colouring our daily soundtracks with his unique brand of futuristic pop, rock and electronica textures; all with Matty’s own smoothly charismatic vocals melted over the top.


Matty Marz’s latest single ‘Nu Eyes’ exposes the rockier realms of his influences. Rooted in a grungier soundscape, Matty has sculpted a soundscape rich with dynamic drum lines, distorted guitar elements and booming bass lines, all with a sprinkling of spacious synths for good measure. Fusing fundamentals of grunge, rock and alt-indie, Matty Marz clearly is the innovator of pop we’ve been waiting for. Expertly crafted guitar licks swim through the ocean of tonal textures, with waves of chorus crescendos and intimate inflexions flowing effortlessly throughout the track. Matty’s vibrant vocal performance propels the track to new heights; the rising star’s commanding confidence is utterly infectious. This track is for those moments you really need to hype yourself up, hope for better and hold your head high. Matty has crafted a melody so catchy you can’t help but shout-sing along and with such a motivating message, you’ll love every second. ‘Nu Eyes’ is an electrifying addition to Matty Marz’s ever-evolving repertoire and is set to kick-start an exciting year for the up and coming artist. If this single shows us anything, it’s that all our eyes should be opened to the sensational sonic world of Matty Marz.


By Sasha Lauryn