Today, NYC based newcomer Kaelin Kost makes her compelling debut in stunning offering, Mulholland Drive. A gorgeous dark R&B cut showcasing Kaelin’s stellar vocals atop intricately crafted production, the track serves as a vital introduction to an artist to add to your radar this year. Signed to 300 Entertainment ( Megan Thee Stallion, Young Thug), Kaelin is set for a huge few months.

Speaking on Mulholland Drive, Kaelin Kost states:

“Mulholland Drive” is kind of an antisocial anthem. It’s about opting out of large surface-level social gatherings and the relief of feeling alone with someone else. I consider myself an introvert who’s good at being an extrovert when needed, but I find it super draining. This song is a reminder to let go of all of that, put my phone down (for once), and to get lost with someone outside of the crowd. We had no video budget to work with, so my producer (Shaun Lopez) and I rigged a Go-Pro to the front of his car and drove along Mulholland Drive late one night on one of my trips to LA. Then, back in Brooklyn, I used a projector in my bedroom to superimpose the footage over myself. I think it really captures the vibe of the song, I’m alone, laying in bed, imagining my ideal low-key night with a certain someone. I’ve got to shout out two of my closest friends (Shaun Lopez & Amy Chance), who go by the moniker “Sparkle Baby” who helped me edit everything and bring the video to life.”