Joe Sparrow Returns With Captivating New Single “Tremble”

Bursting back onto the scene in 2021 with his stunning new single “Tremble”, Joe Sparrow transports audiences to a dark and hazy surrounding. The track showcases Joe’s powerful voice and infectious melodies that will no doubt enthral listeners following last year’s debut EP Behind Closed Doors, which accumulated over 400,000 streams for the independent artist.

A standout track in his early discography, “Tremble” expertly combines Joe’s empowered attitude, confident lyricism and ethereal vocals with an atmospheric soundscape. The track, along with his upcoming album, chronicle Joe’s struggles with addiction. Having now been sober for six years, Joe saw his addictive nature make its way into sex and relationships.

Speaking more on “Tremble”, Joe explained: “The song ‘Tremble’ is about the close connection between fear and arousal. Without fear, there is no excitement and without excitement, arousal doesn’t exist. The song both lyrically and sonically is intended to capture the concept of trembling whether from fear, pleasure, or both. I wrote this song after getting sober. I found myself missing the highs of drugs and alcohol and instead looking for those highs in sex. Sex and lust became my escape as I became addicted to the rush of excitement that came from it. The chorus vocal is intended almost like a whisper in one’s ear while the intensity comes from the intense distorted bass. I wrote, performed, and produced the song entirely by myself.”

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Equipped with his unique voice and original production, and with much more to come this year from the entrancing singer-songwriter, Joe Sparrow is surely one to watch out for. “Tremble” is available to buy/stream now on all platforms –