Four Foolproof Tips to Increase A Website’s Traffic

Building a website is relatively easy. But many businesses are caught off guard when they’re introduced to the more complex part of managing them. 

The most challenging part of having a website for your business is to convince and draw your target audience. Unless you have a third-party or SEO agencies that take care of your website, you must have felt the struggle. 

So, how to overcome this challenge? Before anything else, you must be thinking right now why is it so important to increase your website’s traffic? Well, it’s a key indicator of how effective your website is. If your website is considered a revenue platform for your business, you must take a closer look at it to see how well it does. 

Your website’s traffic initiates engagement, which will likely lead to conversion. Your audience then turned into paying customers, depending on how your website convinces them. 

Here are our excellent tips to inspire you to increase your website’s traffic and increase conversion. 

1. Utilize SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO will help optimize your website, especially if you utilize its best practices. It means that you need to do keyword research to determine the highest-volume searched keyword relevant to your business. After that, you must use these keywords on your content, such as blogs, articles, newsletters, and infographics, to increase your website’s visibility on search engines. You must also pay attention to outbound links, descriptions, and meta titles on your website’s content. You can do a lot of things with SEO; it only requires proper execution. It would be best to hire SEO agencies or teams with the expertise and tools on SEO. 

2. Create Your Google My Business Listing (GMB) 

Google My Business listings are the new yellow page. It’s free and very useful to make it easier for your audience to find you on Google’s search engine. It’s one of the most efficient digital marketing tools today. Using Google My Business, you’re giving your target audience all the information needed to easily contact you or visit your business establishment. However, you must optimize your Google My Business page as well.

  • Claim Your GMB Profile
  • Fill-in Every Question & Section of your Profile
  • Provide All Your Business’s Contact Info
  • Choose Your Primary and Secondary Categories
  • Always Include Applicable Attributes
  • Create A Complete Business Description 

3. Create Backlinks 

People do not trust shady websites, so, to legitimize your website and increase traffic, you must create backlinks. 

Backlinks come from other websites and other online platforms. These keywords are used from other websites linked to your website’s landing page or home page. It’s a tell-tale sign that your website is legit from a visitor’s perspective. 

However, you must ensure that the backlinks are of good quality. It means that the links came from reputable or authoritative sites with a high domain rating or authority for credibility. To build backlinks, you must start with guest posting strategically posted for your target audience to easily notice. To get enough attention, you must create good-quality posts or articles on another website that contains the backlink. 

4. Utilize Email Marketing

If you already collected sufficient email addresses from your customers and audience, it’s time to utilize email marketing. This kind of digital marketing strategy is very effective in increasing your site’s traffic. To pull off an effective email marketing, you need to create quality content that you send to your mailing list. 

The content can either be your monthly newsletter about discounts, sales, and other exciting announcements. It can be a blog article, a video, or pictures relevant to your products or services. 

To end this post, you must consider that your website is an important business asset that can help your business up. So, it’s very important not to overlook your website’s traffic. Most of the strategies you can utilize are free, especially those listed above.