North Face CMO and VP of Product Creation Steve Lesnard On Launch of the Vectiv Line

Steve Lesnard is a highly knowledgeable and versatile professional who has worked as an executive for some of the world’s best-known brands. He recently was appointed to the role of CMO and VP of Product Creation of The North Face. This move has allowed him to use his vast brand marketing skills to help launch a new running shoe called the Vectiv Line. Currently, more people than ever are turning to The North Face to provide them with gear that helps them get out and enjoy nature and participate in outdoor activities. 

An Innovation

Because Steve Lesnard is known for his experience with running shoes, he is uniquely qualified with brand marketing to help promote a great new product for those who want to get more out of their running experience. Typically, trail running and hiking shoes haven’t focused on innovations for most athletic companies and didn’t see the same technological advances as standard trainers. That all changed with the release of The North Face Vectiv line and their disruptive innovation. 

According to Steve Lesnard, this particular line is meant to help redistribute energy through the shoe to help propel the runner forward and reduce the overall impact on the body. Runners have steadily broken speed times using this shoe, which is a testament to the effectiveness of these new advances in the shoe’s design. This new line allows the runner to reduce downhill impact by approximately 10% and can help increase propulsion and overall control related to foot placement. 

Each layer of the shoe is specifically designed to help control stability and energy distribution, while the treads are intended to provide the ultimate in footing stability and grip while trail running and hiking. Additionally, the shoe is also shaped with a rocker-shaped midsole to maximize foot placement and motion. Overall, the new line can provide a better running and hiking experience for people who are serious about this sport. 

Steve Lesnard’s Professional Journey

Steve Lesnard came to The North Face after working for some of the largest and most popular brands, where he was tasked with brand marketing for some of the most popular brands’ products worldwide. He has harnessed his experience and insight to provide The North Face with new methods to help promote this incredible new Vectiv shoe line.

What makes Steve Lesnard uniquely qualified to promote new branding efforts for this sector is his enthusiasm and love for all things outdoors. Since he was a young child, he has always had a passion for the outdoors and all the excitement and adventure it has to offer. He has focused this interest on his professional life and helped create successful marketing strategies for several athletic companies and new products and technology emerging in the market. We can expect to see a robust campaign for Vectiv and any new product line releases coming from The North Face in the years to come as a result of his new position.