VPS Meaning and Mechanism of VPS Hosting Server

Virtual Private Server or VPS is a great innovation in the website hosting fields. Through this website hosting server, many websites can maintain their excellent performance in serving their clients. A virtual private server is more valuable than the other website hosting services such as colocation, shared hosting service, and cloud hosting service. Hence, in this article, we will talk more about the VPS. To be more specific, we will talk about the true definition of a virtual private server, how the VPS server works, and the indicator to change your current website hosting server to a VPS hosting server. Let’s get started, pal.

What is Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

Virtual Private Server, which people often called it VPS, is one of the website hosting services popular among website hosting practitioners nowadays. People tend to choose virtual private servers instead of cloud hosting servers, shared hosting servers, colocation hosting server, and dedicated server due to the virtual private server (VPS). Virtual Private Server (VPS) has several advantages that can be mapped as fast & balanced performance, better security, and ease of access. To be more detailed, you can continue to scroll down on the below section.

Fast & Balanced Performance

A virtual private server is able to give you the fastest and most balanced performance because a virtual private server is using the dedicated resource as the resource allocation procedure. What is a dedicated resource? Is it related to a dedicated server? The answer is NO. A dedicated resource allocates the resource that can only be used for a single user only and will not be shared for any reason. Thus, the users will gain the full resource for their own to optimizing their website’s performance. This feature can only be found at the virtual private server, while on the other website hosting services such as cloud hosting server, colocation, and shared hosting server. A dedicated server is an exception because a dedicated server provides the whole mechanism infrastructure and resource into a single client.

Better Security

Since the virtual private server uses the dedicated resource, that feature automatically helps the users increase the security aspect of their website. You can consider it as the default system protection for your website. Sharing a resource is an activity that able to lower your protection because you will have close contact with the other user. Imagine if they are not a good person. The possibility for them to damage or to steal the important data in your server is highly possible to happen. In the VPS server, you can also get additional protection by choosing the managed VPS hosting service. Managed VPS hosting service is a type of service where you can get full assistance from the VPS server provider to monitor, manage, troubleshoot, and protect your VPS server from any harm and possibility outside your VPS server. To receive the best assistance from the hosting experts is a huge advantage for your website security. Besides, whenever you choose the fully-managed VPS hosting, you can save more energy and time because most of the operational things in your VPS hosting are handled by the hosting experts for the VPS service provider.

Ease of access

Virtual server provider gives you the ultimate feature that makes you able to make the changes on your website server as much as you want to maximize your website’s performance. This feature is called full-root access. In managing the website, you totally need support from the software to make it running smoothly on the hosting process. It is a game to create the most effective software combination to create the best performance ever. Hence, by the full-root access, you can freely manage the software as much as you want. Installing software, make a change, and uninstalling software is an easy thing to do. The best part is, you are allowed to do that in legal ways.

How Does a Virtual Private Server Work?

A virtual private server basically is a virtualized physical computer that becomes your server in hosting the activity. Since the virtualized computer is copying the computer in literal ways, it also provides the same performance as the physical server computer. The procedure in hosting in VPS server more or less can be described as these following procedures:

  • The hosting activity in the VPS hosting server started with the process of receiving the request message or signal from the browser used by the visitor’s computer. This process has happened in the virtual computer that already explained in the above section before.
  • When the virtual computer received the message or the request signal, the virtual computer will verify the specific data, files, or page that the visitor is willing to get from the website.
  • After all the procedures are completed and verified, the virtual computer will search for the specific data, files, or pages that match with the request in the database. This process sounds complicated because the database is containing a lot of data and complex files. Still, due to the virtual computer’s capacity, the process will be done in a matter of a second or less.
  • The virtual computer will then send the required files or data back to the sender’s computer. In this part, you will enjoy the content or files you need from a website.

The whole procedures are complicated and take a long time if it is processed using an old and lame computer. So, the VPS server is always powered with the proper hardware to make sure if the process will be done in a blink of an eye.

When Should You Use a Virtual Private Server?

You should use or move to the virtual private server if you find several constraints in the website hosting activity. The constraints can be manifested as various troubles named as downtime, stuck, error page, data missing, or even hacked. It is the best moment to upgrade your website server hosting if you are willing to increase your website’s performance, so by that, you can serve more people in the world without worrying about the minor troubles in the way.