Demand On Facial Hair Transplants in Turkey Is Increasing

Turkey has been the most visited destination for fue hair transplant reviews treatments so far with the very advantageous prices and the most satisfactory results. Hair transplant doctor of Monoplant Hair Clinic in Turkey says that the country’s popularity is not only for hair transplants but also for facial hair transplants now.

“In the last 3-4 years, the number of patients who are interested in facial hair transplant Turkey procedures has doubled; there is a huge effect of the recent bushy beard trend on this rise.”

While facial hair transplant procedures were approached with hesitation in the earlier years, with the medical developments and the latest techniques, patients are more interested in these treatments; beard transplant has been the most demanded facial hair transplant procedure so far.

Monoplant Hair Clinic’s doctors says, “The procedure does not go any different than regular hair transplants; the basic principle is to collect the follicles from the suitable donor area and to transplant them to the recipient hair loss area. Thanks to the latest technique of FUE transplant, the whole procedure is completely painless and scar-free. Hair Transplant Turkey Reviews has proven its success; I believe that is one of the reasons why international patients choose to have their facial hair transplants also in Turkey”

Turkey hair transplant clinics preserve the title of “the most affordable hair transplant” for facial hair transplant treatments as well; according to the Monoplant Hair Clinic’s doctor, regular and facial hair transplant Turkey procedures will not lose their popularity for a long time, “ the whole hair transplant experience in Turkey offers an opportunity to have a nice, comfortable and affordable holiday in a beautiful country along with the most successful and satisfactory treatment results; this is everything a patient can look for in treatment abroad.”