Pamela Hopkins Set To Release “Little Things” Feat Matt Dame

A southern fried piece of country, Pamela Hopkins celebrates the small elements of life with “Little Things”. Everything has a blissful cadence to it. Layer upon layer is added into the mix resulting in a swirling tapestry of sound. By far though the highlight comes from the dual vocals. The call and response add to the communal presence of the work. Tender tones radiate throughout for the lyricism is chosen with such care, making sure that an entire life shared together comes across. Various snippets and subtle sounds emanate over the course of the whole work, ones that go for a certain razor-sharp clarity.

Lovely, lilting guitar work introduces the piece. Quite quiet at first the hushed awe of the work has an atmospheric presence to it. When they finally let the whole of the piece into full bloom it feels poignant. A bright brilliant burst of color adds to the entirety of the track, allowing for a degree of groove to enter into the sound. Firmly rooted in country, the gentle ballad also draws just a little bit from folk and rock as well. The way they seemingly sculpt the sound is distinctly their own for they hold nothing back. Sung straight from the heart they ensure that every gesture matter as they let the spirit rise up over the course of the entire grand journey.

Pamela Hopkins sings with such fire and passion on the powerful ode of “Little Things”.