Birthday Celebration at home during Pandemic

Celebrating a child’s birthday by inviting his closest friends and extended family can be a memorable moment for your little one. But in the midst of this coronavirus pandemic, it looks like the little one’s imagined birthday celebration should be canceled. This is because you and your family are encouraged to stay at home only to prevent the spread of COVID-19. You can surprise your family and friends to make them happy by sending them gifts and greetings. You can also greet your friend by making special birthday video for your friends. Here are some ideas to celebrate your birthday;

Make video calls with other family members.

If you previously planned to invite your little one’s friends or extended family at home or to a place, now make a video call.

Yes, you can arrange this so that the birthday greeting ‘stays up’ and the warm atmosphere is the same, even though the physical does not meet. You and your relatives can use Zoom, a video application that allows your little one to meet many people. After saying goodbye, you can continue by asking each other for news, telling stories, joking, or arranging a playdate after the corona ends.

Make simple decorations at home

Another idea, you can make a simple celebration at home, which of course you, your husband, your little brother or sister will attend. To make the party feel even more nuanced, decorate it with ingredients that are already at home. For example, making a birthday hat using old cardboard and decorating the living room with your child’s colorful paper. Don’t forget, provide the birthday cake too. You can buy it online or make it yourself, Moms.

Provide the child’s favorite food

In addition, you can also make or serve your little one’s favorite food. Yes, Moms, a special celebration is synonymous with the owner’s favorite food.

You arrange it, Moms, whether you want to make it yourself with the help of your child or again order it online. Making it yourself can be a bonding activity in itself, Moms!

Watch a movie together at home

While at home, you or your child may feel bored and go out of style. So, on this birthday try to change the atmosphere of your TV room like a cinema. Yes, turn off all the lights, then play your child’s favorite movie, cartoon, or maybe a film about family. Don’t forget, provide snacks such as instant popcorn and soft drinks to make this home-style cinema even more pronounced.