New Single By Matt Westin “Thin Blue Line” out on February 26th

Matt Westin delivers a spellbinding piece that feels ever so timely with “Thin Blue Line”. Sung with such soul Matt proves to be a virtual force of nature, for his deep voice contains such passion behind it. Lyrically the song reflects upon the difficulties faced by so many, the danger they willing put themselves into, and for moments that overall try to make the rest of the population safe. The song, rooted in country rock, also incorporates elements of the blues and pop, making the entirety of the piece a swirling, kaleidoscopic whole.

Nor does he waste a moment for he gets things started up with such glee. The way the song gradually builds and builds feels mighty fine, for the volume deserves to be blasted. Everything about it stuns and the subtle gestures give way to grander ones, ones that capture the selflessness that so many embody when they put their lives out on the line, in order for the betterment of all of society. Drums hit with a righteous power, making sure the entirety of the thing is propelled forward. Catchy, infectious grooves help to underpin the work, with the percussion further punctuating the sheer power of his words. For the final stretch he lets it all loose in a way that is deeply and reassuringly satisfying to behold.

“Thin Blue Line” shows off the sheer commanding presence of Matt Westin as he crafts a song of pure respect.