5 Best Travel Insurances in 2021

Traveling is still a hot topic in 2021 because not everyone can do it due to the coronavirus outbreak. Nonetheless, many people are still planning trips so that they can enjoy this pleasant hobby, but the difference with other years is that nowadays Travel Insurance became a necessity.

Travel Insurance is a type of product that protects you against financial issues if your vacations or travel plans are damaged, or if you face a travel-related loss. That’s why it became an important tool in 2021, to make any traveler safer while exploring other territories.

In the following list, you’ll be able to check 5 of the best travel insurances in 2021.

1. World Nomads

This is a top travel insurance provider because it allows you to purchase any plan from anywhere in the world. Also, this company offers insurance plans that include many activities that can be dangerous, like skiing, surfing, scuba diving, and many more. That’s actually quite important when you’re planning a trip abroad.

If you’re American, you can get coverage for individual trips, and these plans include protection against acts of terrorism, overseas medical care, trip cancellation, and many more.

Another plus for this company is pricing, as its plans vary depending on your needs, but it tends to be a bit cheaper than other options.

2. Allianz Travel Insurance

Allianz Travel Insurance is maybe one of the most popular travel insurance right now. It allows you to purchase individual plans based on each trip, but you also have the option of buying annual travel insurance. This is a great alternative if you’re a person who prefers to keep everything covered all year long.

Similar to World Nomads, Allianz Travel Insurance also offers you many different plans depending on your needs. The most requested is OneTrip Prime as it includes trip cancellation and coverage of $100,000.

3. Travelex

Are you traveling with minor children? Then you should take into account Travelex because this company includes plans for children under 17 years old, and with no extra cost. Plus, this company offers five plans according to your necessities, including one for trip cancellation called Travel Select Plan.

4. Amex Assurance

This travel insurance is offered through American Express, but you don’t have to be a credit card customer to get coverage. A plus for this company is that it allows you to buy a plan for each trip you take, which is great to satisfy your specific travel needs.

One great advantage of Amex is that you can request a full refund within 14 days after you get your plan documents, however, that’s possible only with certain plans.

5. Seven Corners

Seven corners are quite famous because they let you customize your travel plan coverage so it fits your needs the best way possible. Plus, they also offer international medical expenses, which can be quite helpful for many travelers around the globe.

Regardless of your preferences with travel insurance companies, don’t forget to always check if the country you’re going to ask you to have travel insurance obligatory. You can check that by entering iVisa.com and choosing your destination country on the homepage. This way you’ll be able to avoid issues when entering that country. Remember that many nations right now ask you to have travel insurance with minimum coverage.