Jude Gwynaire New Single ‘King Sol and the Merwoman’

A sprawling, lush symphonic work Jude Gwynaire deftly weaves together a whole slew of influences on “King Sol and the Merwoman”. The whole of the piece has an extremely tactile quality to it for the percussion helps to give the grooves an elastic cadence, with the rhythms further emphasizing a spirit of togetherness. Melodies here go for a true touch of beauty, effortlessly weaving Eastern and Western traditions in a way that is respectful to both. By opting for this sort of spirit the whole of the piece teems with so much life. Volume is an absolute must for his is a feeling even more than a sound, meaning it should be felt on a physical level.


Right from the beginning the song’s charms become readily apparent. All the many patterns intermingle to create a living, breathing ecosystem of aural atmospheres. The swirling approach works true wonders for the way the sounds play off each other the piece gains additional power behind it, something that becomes truly grand in its stature. Evolution of the grooves add to the dense layers, for the buildup has a cerebral quality that gives a bit of reflection. Sounds ebb and flow out of the mix, further adding to its lively sensibility, one that becomes quite beautiful to truly appreciate.

“King Sol and the Merwoman” shows off Jude Gwynaire’s uncanny range for this piece brings together elements both ancient and modern in a way that is distinctly his own.