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DJ/producer Rezz kicks off 2021 by releasing her new track “Sacrificial” feat. PVRIS via RCA Records. This is Rezz and PVRIS’s first collaboration together.

Rezz says, “When PVRIS sent over the vocal I immediately had an idea for the song. I love her music, so I’m really glad we were able to make it happen.”

PVRIS says, “”Sacrificial” is about risking it all for love… even if the world around you is telling you it’s not right.”

THE LONELY ONES Release New Single “Change the Station” + Official Music Video via Imagen Records

Hard rock band The Lonely Ones released their brand new single, “Change the Station,” via Imagen Records today!

HAAS Releases New Single “Headfirst”

HAAS’S previous EP “Love & Loss”, which was released in 2019, upheld a Kelly Clarkson-esque organic pop/rock sound, but HAAS has since taken on the inclusion of other elements into their music. “Headfirst” leans deeper into the pop spectrum, while still maintaining the vulnerability featured in their previous work. A true pop contender, HAAS is the epitome of authenticity. About the single, HAAS states:

“Headfirst” is about being a dreamer in an environment where people don’t understand nor try to understand. The song explores the feelings of love, fear and desperation to reach those dreams. Without your dreams, you’re no longer yourself.

The Aces Release ‘Under My Influence’ B-Sides

“These two songs were some of the first we wrote in pursuit of our second record and truly helped shape what ‘Under My Influence’ became,” says the band. “They’re the roots of this sonic chapter of The Aces. With that being said, you’re probably confused why they weren’t part of the initial album; and to that we say, we always save the best for last.”


Blasting off blunt bars, singing with seductively soulful spirit, and shining like the jewel in her signature Bindi, Mia Ariannaa actualizes a vibrant, visceral, and vital vision of her own her debut EP for Division 1/Epic Records, I’m a good girl … do you believe me. Growing up Charlotte, NC, she sang in the church choir and belted out the “The Star-Spangled Banner” at middle school basketball games. After years of singing as a hobby, she participated in Monica’s “So Gone” Challenge on social media during 2016. Her video went viral, and she continued to post freestyles, building up a following of almost 50K on Instagram and generating hundreds of thousands of views.

Bri Fletcher Ignites Relationship Realisms In “Cause I Love You” Music Video

Emerging pop/country vocal powerhouse Bri Fletcher is lighting a fire to the hard truths of relationships in new “Cause I Love You” music video. Directed by Brian Vaughan and shot in a warehouse in Nashville, the video features Fletcher surrounded by flowers, emotionally delivering the lyrics to the climatic track. The video wraps with Fletcher burning the flowers which symbolizes finally letting go of control in a relationship.

LVRN’s Young Rog Teams Up with Summer Walker for New Video “Bullshit”

Hailing from Newport News, VA with Bajan roots, rapper-singer Young Rog has garnered recognition for his musicality; often infusing Caribbean, Funk and Gospel-leaning notes into his Hip Hop/R&B catalog.

LISTEN: Steve Darko’s Debut LP on DIRTYBIRD, ‘Midnight Swim’ – ft. Claude VonStroke, VNSSA + more

The time has come for DIRTYBIRD to chart a new path, and helping lead the way is Steve Darko. His debut studio album, ‘Midnight Swim,’ out today, marks a new milestone for the burgeoning producer whilst displaying his range via an eclectic series of originals and collaborations.


After releasing the endearing short film for “Garage Rooftop”, Q is back with a stripped down intimate live performance. Watch the South Florida crooner’s performance –

Sarah Barrios Releases “Happy” Alongside Conversations With Myself EP

Conversations With Myself showcases Barrios’ unfiltered vulnerability coupled with dreamy pop perfection. More specifically, “Happy” explores Barrios’ feelings upon coming out to her friends and family. She says, “I had spent so many years feeling anxious and scared, that when I came out, happiness felt foreign and kind of undeserved because I still felt like I didn’t know who I was. This song is a reminder that even if you haven’t figured out your life or who you are, it is okay to be happy.”

Breaking pop star Ellise shares new single “Bubblegum Brain”

“‘Bubblegum Brain’ probably has some of my favorite lyrics I’ve ever written,” says Ellise. “Sometimes I can go through something and the only thing I want to do is make a song about it. But other times, when things really mess me up, I need a while to process it. Once I feel like I’m out of the moment and I can see it for what it really was, I can write about it in a song and make it make sense to myself. ‘Bubblegum Brain’ is closure in that regard.”

NYC’s Ribbons release 5-song EP ‘Total Loss’ today for Bandcamp Friday, featuring newly remastered tracks never before available online!

Jenny Logan says about the reunion:
“It just felt like it was ‘time.’ There’s a poet called Mary Ruefle who writes about why she writes or continues to create things, and one of the ways she puts it is, “I still haven’t heard what I’ve been listening to.” That’s how I feel about Ribbons – Sam and I had that music in us, and it just wasn’t being done, and I still feel that way about Ribbons. And when I left New York to come to the West Coast I thought I could say whatever I had to say on my own, like in a solo project that eventually became Deathlist, but I really found that the collaboration with Sam in Ribbons was something greater than the sum of its parts, which is why I want this music out there and why I’m inspired to collaborate again.”

Released Today! New Video! Dolo Tonight “Higher”

Dolo Tonight releases official music video for “Higher”
Emerging LA based artist Dolo Tonight’s latest single “Higher” is about experiencing life through extremes—emotionally or physically. So for his latest visuals released today, Dolo went up 15,000 feet to film it as the Highest Altitude Music Video in the Western Hemisphere. There’s also some surreal Hot Air Balloon and Skydiving shots incorporated into the Kayo Genesis directed visuals, which Dolo himself helped to co-direct.

G-Eazy Releases “Provide” — Music Video Out Now

The nostalgic, feel-good R&B track samples Mark Morrison’s smash hit “Return of the Mack,” giving a fresh take to the classic song. “Provide” comes alongside it’s music video, which brings the 90s throwback vibe of the song to life, directed by Edgar Esteves – watch here.

Watch G-Eazy and Chris Brown’s ‘Provide’ Video

CASPER ALLEN: American Blues Singer/Songwriter Releases New Album Through Anti-Corporate Music’s The Magnolia Sessions Today

Anti-Corporate Music presents the sixth title in their acclaimed singer/songwriter series, The Magnolia Sessions, releasing a new performance by blues/folk singer/songwriter CASPER ALLEN. In conjunction with the album’s digital release today, The Sleeping Shaman is hosting an exclusive stream of the track “Hollywood TX.”

Premiere: Casper Allen ‘Hollywood TX’ – ‘The Magnolia Sessions’ Releases Today

Velvet Skyline Release New LP “What We Have In Common”

This album is all about growing into yourself and its really a coming of age story about the band. There are themes of falling in love, as well as falling out of love; themes of becoming an adult and realizing how tough it can be. This is an album for anyone who may be lost now, but knows that sooner or later things are going to make sense, and everything will be okay.


“We wanted to create a dream-like world set in the era of 2009-2010 Los Angeles, a time when Nipsey was crafting and preparing to release his Marathon Mixtape,” notes Kam Burk, creative director of OkiDoki. “It’s almost like a virtual time capsule of this pivotal point in Nipsey’s career. We recreated his vehicle, a Mercedes SL550, and a lot of the landmarks Nipsey frequented and some historic Los Angeles sites using Jorge Peniche’s photography, google maps, 3D modeling software and made it beautiful and interactive in Unreal Engine. His family asked us to not make an avatar of Nipsey, so we had to cleverly use the vehicle, audio interviews and projected imagery and videos in the virtual environment to allow the viewer to feel Nipsey’s presence. Nipsey loved using his car as a music venue for testing out unreleased tracks so we created the illusion that the car is always the source of audio in each of the scenes.”


Today, R&B singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Tone Stith releases his new track “FWM,” via RCA Records. Centered around an up-tempo, mesmerizing beat, this new song is a change of pace from his last single “Devotion.” Stith keeps the performance vibes going with another live rendition where he transports you to an intimate at-home concert that showcases his spectacular vocals and raw talent.


“Even though ‘Surface Tension’ was written during a difficult time in my life, I think its message is more uplifting than helpless,” Genevieve tells FLOOD. “Writing it allowed me to make peace with parts of my life that no longer fit and take steps toward changing my reality. This video represents my current perspective on a past chapter of my life.”

Genevieve Stokes Looks Back on Her Past in “Surface Tension” Video

Miesha & The Spanks Drop “I Want Fire”

“I Want Fire” is the third single coming in hot ahead of the duo’s forthcoming Singles EP, boasting a catchy as hell chorus, and conjuring the urge to explode we’re all feeling after nearly a year of restrictions and lockdowns. For those who want to burn it all down or light it up, “I Want Fire” is open to interpretation. This song rocks hard, and serves as a strong representation of what’s to come. The Singles EP is out April 16th.

Chapel Hart Music Video For New Single “I Will Follow” Premiered by CMT on Friday, February 5th

Chapel Hart welcomes a little love and positivity into 2021 with the release of a music video and single, “I Will Follow.” The video premiered today on CMT, CMT Music, and CMT.com. This upbeat country song highlights the importance of following your heart and serves to tell the trio’s story of life on the road. Despite the mixed signals that the world may send, the sure-fire way to happiness is through the heart. This trio struts into 2021 with nothing to lose and everything to prove, calling all to join them in loving life and not taking the world too seriously. Love for all humans no matter race or background is a message that we all need to hear after a long, confusing year. Savannah Keyes, Jennifer Hanson, and Nick Brophy co-wrote and Brophy co-produced the single with Jeff Glixman.

Celeste Reimagines “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” for Inspiration4 Super Bowl Ad

The 30-second spot, created by the ad agency Known, highlights the milestone event in human space exploration and announces the opportunity for two people to join the four-person crew. It also invites viewers to make a difference here on earth by supporting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Actress-producer-director Bryce Dallas Howard directed the commercial.

Celeste Reimagines ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ For Superbowl Ad

SULLEN: Portuguese Prog Metal Unit Unveils “Memento” Video

Portuguese prog metallers SULLEN will release their latest full-length, Nodus Tollens – Act 1: Oblivion, on March 5th. In advance of its release, today the band unveils a video for second single, “Memento.”

“Nodus Tollens” is a neologism by John Koenig, creator of The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows, used to define the feeling of insecurity that some people get when they find that their lives don’t make sense anymore. Nodus Tollens – Act 1: Oblivion portrays the apprehension of reality and the need for a paradigm shift; the realization that you’re not following the arc of the story – you must go back and reread the chapters you skimmed to get to the good parts – and that all along you were supposed to choose your own adventure.

The High Plains Drifters Release New Single “Since You’ve Been Gone”

“With Valentine’s Day coming up, the new High Plains Drifters single, ‘Since You’ve Been Gone,’ is for everyone who’s had their hearts ripped out of their chests and stomped on by the person they wrongly believed was THE ONE and couldn’t admit to their friends what had happened for the longest time,” shared Studnicky. “Thank God we learn from those mistakes! The song is a great introduction to the sound that’s prevalent on our forthcoming 2nd album.”

EGXBH’s powerful new rock single “Eight46” is a voice of hope, a chance for a new beginning, a movement.

EGXBH’s powerful new single “EIGHT46” is out now. The Chicago band’s latest track pulls you through a storm of emotion and the overwhelming disgust of how we as humans treat each other. The lyrics speak to all, no matter the color of your skin, sexual orientation– who you choose to love or be– and helps give voice to the belief that we should all just be kind and love one another.

The Ones You Forgot Release New Single “Desensitized”

“Songwriting is very cathartic. It’s a great release of emotions, especially for the ones that we often bottle up. When I wrote ‘Desensitized’ I found myself in that place of pretending to be okay when I knew for a fact that I wasn’t. Writing this song took a weight off my shoulders and allowed me to accept how I was feeling and address the state of my mental health.”


“This song is about my previous relationship. I wrote it when everything was still apparently fine, but my subconscious was already sending me signs that something was breaking inside me. The relationship ended after a month. I wanted listeners to connect with the feeling I had that suddenly it was ending, but I couldn’t blame either of us for it. And obviously there is always a period of time when both people in a relationship try to text and fix things and still hang out together, but most of the time it’s just an illusion. When love ends, it’s almost impossible to revive it,” offers YEИDRY about the inspiration for “Se Acabó.”

Cats In Space: ”Listen To The Radio”, brand new ‘smash single’ / video released today

CATS in SPACE return in 2021 on FRIDAY FEBRUARY 5th for the release of their new single ‘LISTEN TO THE RADIO’, the second single to be taken from their hit album ‘ATLANTIS’. This classic slice of ‘Power Pop’ is another surefire smash and will be available on all digital platforms as well as in CD format via their online webstore.

With their trademark ‘wall of vocals and guitars’ sound set to stun, the tune will blast through the airwaves in a way only CATS in SPACE know how. A firm favourite cut already, this song, accompanied by yet another fantastic video, will ensure the bands’ current album ‘ATLANTIS’ rides through the choppy waves of 2021 and beyond.

Released Today! New Video! Qrunitup “DFA”

A quintessential part of living in New York City’s largest borough, Brooklyn, especially for those with sharp ears is witnessing the speed at which an infectious song can travel. In late-2018, fast-rising rapper QRunitup took the city by storm upon the release of his debut single “Trappin On Trap.” Released while he was 17 years old, the song amassed a whopping quarter-million streams on streaming platforms alike and serves as a predecessor to his formidable catalog. Born and raised in Trinidad, QRunitup moved to New York in early 2012. “Coming from Trinidad to America was a big transition. Stuff like basketball and certain types of music, I didn’t even know what none of that was,” Q stated. He began developing his distinctive sound and lyricism in his early teens, writing rhymes in a military program that pivoted him to get him off the streets, for nearly a year before releasing any music.

Spartan Records Announces Signing of Assertion

The project marks the official return of drummer William Goldsmith, who ten years ago, walked away from a successful music career that included stints as a founding member of Sunny Day Real Estate, The Fire Theft, and Foo Fighters.

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