Jeremy Parsons Presents “Something Other Than You Are”

Jeremy Parsons offers a heartfelt piece of country folk on the tender ode of “Something Other Than You Are”. Nothing here ever feels overwrought for he balances the whole of the work in a way that feels outright splendid. So many different layers intermingle resulting in something truly timeless, from the gentle hit of the percussion to the careful cadence of the guitars, all of it works such wonders in delivering something that deftly sidesteps trends for a sound that is a bit more timeless.

The song starts right up with his voice kept front and center of the track. From there the rest of the sound comes into place in a way that gives it such a confidence to it. Lyrics have a hopeful, optimistic quality to them. Colorful guitar work weaves its way into the fray serving as a second singer, for the way it all grows and builds has a kindness to it. Rhythms have a laid-back quality for they emerge in a spry, caring, and compassionate way. Usage of naturalistic imagery adds to the lovely hues of the piece for it has a lush quality one that feels absolutely beautiful to behold. Electric and acoustic guitars meld together to create a virtual stream of consciousness quality, one that has a sense of purpose, of play.

“Something Other Than You Are” features the earnest, honest vocals of Jeremy Parsons made perfect with an arrangement that is quietly stunning.