Soul Singer Kara Frazier Releases New Live EP, The Deja Vu Sessions

Kara Frazier’s third EP, The Deja Vu Sessions, is out now. Creating a soulful rock style groove with funk influences, and modern and retro vibes, it appeals to a wide audience of listeners. The Deja Vu Sessions, features sultry title track “Deja Vu,” joined by Frazier’s heartfelt rendition of “I Fall Apart” by Post Malone, and retro jazz, 80’s and funk-inspired single, “Words.”

The project represents topics such as toxic love and surrender to healing. The Soul Train-inspired video for “Words” features three women, including Kara, Cat Parks and Sydney St. George, and celebrates body positivity and self-acceptance. “The footage incorporates a message of female empowerment and women supporting other women. The lyrics are a reminder that we can find the strength within us to say what we need to say,” explains Kara.

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