What are 5 top places to visit before you settle down and get married?

Most peoples lives are divided into two chapters. The single life and the more domesticated, shared life of marriage. And whilst any good marriage means that travel, exploration and new experiences should not be a thing of the past, family life, especially when you start raising children is one where compromise and collective interests of the family as a whole becomes a more important factor.

Which is why you should make the most of your formative, unattached years to visit as many of the places on your bucket list as possible. Especially if they are of the more adventurous type, there will be plenty of time for the more family orientated holidays later. This is all about places which provoke responses such as “You’re going where?” 

It is down to individual tastes but have you ever considered trekking in Pakistan? Okay, government and media may have painted such countries with a certain image but exploring the Karakoram or Himalayan Mountains is about as adventurous as it gets. And for the full-on mountain experience then Nepal has it all.

If you are looking for a similarly otherworldly landscape but with more peace of mind then New Zealand is a good candidate…there’s a reason why it is the backdrop to Lord of The Rings.

But if you want a warmer yet equally adrenaline-soaked adventure then perhaps Puerto Rico is for you. A land of rainforest and rivers, suitable for canoeing and the mecca for zip-wire enthusiasts. You can even take jungle safaris, navigating the fallen trees and temporary steel bridges, barely passable roads and swamps.

And if you want to stay closer to home there are plenty of adventurous terrains right here in the USA, from the Rockies to the Yellowstone National Park, you can zip, hike, bike or drive through the unspoiled wilderness to your heart’s content.

Obviously, some of these great adventures might have to wait until we are through the pandemic but there is plenty to do in the meantime via socially distanced and virtual mediums. Drone flying has become an unexpected hit during these months of isolation and whether you spend a few bucks on a second-hand flyer or thousands on something like the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced drone, you will get a lot out of it.

And when it is time to marry, settle down and set up home together then you can use the same skills of planning, logistics and organisation that you used on your adventures when you organise the local moving services and make all the other arrangements to start your new life together.