Jude Gwynaire Presents New Single ‘Uzone – 25′ (White Light Mix)’

The high-energy, high-octane sound of Jude Gwynaire’s “Uzone-25 (White Light Mix)” With this singular sound he captures the energy of live electronic music in such a joyous fashion. Beats come hard and heavy over the course of this piece for it absolutely bursts at the seams. Layers filter in giving the track a futuristic form of psychedelic spirits, as the wide array of color shifts ever so carefully. Volume is a given for this is a physical sound, one that stuns with its churning, dense mix.


Nor is a moment wasted for he dives headfirst into the uninhibited sound. The lively approach feels potent, poignant even as the evolution of the groove is done with the utmost of care. Various snippets further add to the dazzling quality. Usage of environment sounds adds to the summery style of the mix. Indeed, there is a heat behind the intrepid, enormous grooves. Perhaps it is the fact that the tempo feels acutely positioned for the dancefloor or the fact that the riff is so infectious, but it all comes together in a dazzling bright burst of color. With this technicolor dream coat cadence, the song works itself into an absolute frenzy. Ebb and flow also add to the propulsive spirit for not a moment ever feels wasted as the entirety of the track washes over the listener in a way that has a moment of Zen quality to it.

“Uzone-25 (White Light Mix)” proves Jude Gwynaire to be a master at creating a wild celebration of a sound.