Tips for moving Furniture

Heavy furniture is not that easy to carry. Some furniture, such as cabinets, can be taken apart. This is a lot more difficult with other furniture. Consider, for example, the sofa, the piano or the dryer. This heavy furniture must be handled in a smart way when moving. These are 5 tips for moving heavy furniture. There are also some Moving companies NYC who can help you with this. If you are in Montreal and you need help, there are options in moving companies in montreal link.

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1. Handy working with a platform trolley

The platform trolley is the most convenient for small but heavy items. It is a flat hand truck on which you can put boxes or small heavy furniture, for example. The platform cart is most practical if you don’t have to climb stairs. You do need a lot of space for it, because this type of hand truck is still quite large and is usually not foldable. You can often rent a platform trailer if you are moving. This hand truck is mostly used for heavy (book) boxes and small furniture.

2. The foldable hand truck

A hand truck is a kind of wheelbarrow, but without a container. Instead, there is a shelf where you can load things. In contrast to the platform trailer, the hand truck has only two wheels. You tilt the car back slightly to drive it. A foldable hand truck has the advantage that it is very compact. This ensures that you can store it very easily when you don’t need it. It is ideal for relatively small but heavy items.

3. The stair runner for the top floor

A stair runner is very similar to a hand truck. Only it does not have two wheels as with the hand truck, but six. There are three on each side on a special construction. You can easily go up and down the stairs with things on it. Now you don’t have to lug around awkward and heavy items on the stairs, because the stair runner carries the weight for you.

4. The furniture roller for large furniture

Some heavy furniture is also very large. For example, a couch does not fit on the platform cart or hand truck. That is why you use one or more furniture rollers for this. A furniture roller is a small platform with four wheels underneath. There is no push bar. You put one end of the heavy piece of furniture on such a platform. Then you place the other end of the furniture on another furniture roller. You then only have to push to move the furniture. That saves a lot of weight to carry around!

5. Save your back

Moving heavy furniture is literally a tough job. You need the above aids to prevent back pain. It is also important that you lift properly. Squat in front of the piece of furniture you want to lift. Then lift the furniture while keeping your back straight. As a result, most of the weight will be on your leg muscles instead of your back. Try to avoid lifting things from your (bent) back, because then the risk of back pain is high.