Des Cox releases official visuals for “Are You Lonesome Tonight”

To help make this as different and appealing as possible to all ages and everyone, Des Cox took his own live stage performance and then animated it by creating a caricature of himself. It needed to break away from the traditional styles for promo films, yet still maintain a live feel and importantly, the humour, which he has done by illustrating the comedy lines.

The end result is a unique production with global appeal and understanding, that will be appreciated by people of all ages and backgrounds, all over the world, and will easily slot into any video production or programme.

“The reason why I wrote and recorded this comedy version of this song, is because during one of my stage performances back in the midst of the 2007 financial collapse, I could sense how pre-occupied and concerned the audience were about this collapse, and that they really weren’t really able to let themselves unwind and enjoy themselves.

I knew I had to do something really special to change this and then, for some unexplained reason, the sound of Elvis Presley singing ‘Are You Lonesome Tonight’ just came into my head, and as it did, so I looked at the audience and said. “Now I know everyone’s worried about the financial crisis, but we can still enjoy ourselves and to help us do that, I’m now going to adlib my own version of ‘Are You Lonesome Tonight” and all you Elvis fans out there… don’t worry, because I know that Elvis, who always loved a good laugh, would absolutely love this… well, as long as I can find the right words that is. So, ladies and Gentlemen, for Elvis and for all of you wherever you are, here’s my version of… Are You Lonesome Tonight.

Thankfully the words came and the whole performance had such a huge effect on the audience that instead of worrying themselves silly, as I started to sing their deeply sad faces suddenly started to turn into smiles and then to rapturous laughter that just grew and grew as the song went on. Yes, that performance changed everything, and as I am currently so tired of all the doom and gloom in our world today, here is that same song again, and I hope and pray that it will have the same effect on all of you and that it will do so much to help spread happiness all over the world…

Oh by the way, I know that wherever Elvis is, he’ll be listening and shaking his head with laughter…So Ladies and Gentlemen, here for all of you, including Elvis, is my funny version of… ‘Are You Lonesome Tonight’ ”

– Des Cox