Akeylah Simone – Debut Single “Uncertainty”

Hailing from Newport News, VA, Akeylah Simone is just getting her feet wet as a singer, songwriter, and now recording artist. Her debut single, “Uncertainty”, showcases her dynamic musical talent and also gives us a glimpse into her personal journey of self-discovery.

Listen to “Uncertainty” now:

“This is an extremely personal song to me,” explains Akeylah. “I’m starting to realize that this isn’t just about my journey, but everyone’s journey. This song is about life.” While the song starts off with a sense of doubt and frustration, it moves the listener through her journey and struggles, culminating in the decision that we can get to where we want, no matter what it takes. The one consistent in all of our journeys being the uncertainty.

Music has always been a major part of Akeylah’s life, starting with her first talent competition in elementary school. Raised by two musicians, Akeylah developed a passion for singing and music exploration early on. She always knew she would be a performer and that she was destined for a life on stage. She was so certain of this, in fact, that by the age of 7 she was practicing her Bruce Hornsby set in her room every night, just to be ready.

This deep passion for music evolved into a creative outlet for Akeylah to deal with the stresses and pressures that life throws her way. These “Therapy Sessions”, as Akeylah calls them, consist of hours or creating, singing and sharing her feelings with her friends and family through social media. The feedback and encouragement generated from these sessions motivated her to revisit some of her earlier work, including this track.

With the support of her family and friends, including her dad, well renowned Blues artist, Bobby BlackHat, Akeylah is poised to make 2021 her breakout year. Stay tuned for more new music, a full length album and many more “Therapy Sessions” to come.