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Dynamomin Presents His Video For ‘Broken’


Raised in the Abbottsford Homes family development, YXNG K.A began exploring music as an emotional outlet and escape from his troubled surroundings before he started releasing his steady string of hits. “Coming up in the projects, you grow up different and you learn fast,” he says. “There’s always violence and drugs, and if you don’t adapt you’re gonna be lost.” As his prodigy-like ability became overwhelmingly apparent, YXNG K.A’s breakthrough single “Forever Committed” led to his signing with Interscope Records in May 2019. The following February, he made his label debut with “Soul Bleed,” an emotionally raw single showing off his tremendous range, melodic flow, and fearlessly honest lyrics. Released in May via Double O Records/Interscope Records, his debut EP, Baby Reaper spotlights the phenomenal talent that’s earned recognition from heavyweights like 21 Savage, Meek Mill, and many others. Baby Reaper also landed YXNG K.A a major-label deal just months after creating his first song. Now, he is gearing up to release his second EP, Reaper SZN via Double O Records / Interscope due out 12/4.

NINA HERZOG (Voice Of Odette From Sony Animation’s “The Swan Princess”)

Los Angeles singer/songwriter NINA HERZOG released the second single, “Least Resistance,” today from her long-awaited six-song debut EP, TOGETHER AWAY, which is due out March 12 via Label Logic, as distributed by Ingrooves.

New video from rock artist Lauren Lakis – Entitled “Run To You”

“Run To You” expresses the frustration of repeating the same mistakes, falling back into relationship with the same partners you know are bad for you, and subconsciously choosing partners to replay childhood wounding because it’s familiar. It’s seeking to understand why we stay in abusive relationships, and why we fall in love with those partners in the first place. The worst part of it is that friends and family (“it’s like our mothers said”) can warn us all they want, but it doesn’t matter…everyone has to learn from their mistakes by making them…sometimes over and over. We are truly our own worst enemy, especially in love.

Nova Miller releases the video for her girl power anthem “Man’s World”  

The dynamic music video for “Man’s World” shows Nova in a new light, proving her power and boldly stating that she doesn’t need to rely on anyone– especially a man. The Man’s World video embodies the song’s theme that women are capable of anything a man can do and more. “Man’s World” features epic instrumentals and poignant lyrics about self-validation and independence. The song has a vintage sound and challenges the antiquated idea that a woman needs a man to be happy. This video is passionate, forceful, and is all about female strength– it’s a woman’s world!

Pink Elefants Release “Pinto”

With their new song “Pinto,” Pink Elefants decided to pay homage to their childhoods, and decided to do so by obtaining one of the ugliest cars of all time- the Ford Pinto- and making it all their own.

In the song, the band states “all my life I’ve been broke, could only buy an old Pinto”, and claim they’re going to “bring it back like it’s retro”- proceeding to take the not-so classic car and wrap it in the band’s logo and color scheme, before running it all over town.


Kara said of the song, “For quite some time I have played Amerie’s ‘1 Thing’ in my writing sessions to the producers I work with to try and make a song with it as the inspo (as it’s one of my favourite R&B songs). I tried and tried and it had never quite worked out the way I’d hoped and I think it’s because the way the song is produced and her vocals being so unique, it’s hard recreate it! So I had the idea to take my fav part of the song, the chorus melody, and re-write the rest of it! And to be honest, as much I was nervous to mess with such a classic…very nervous, I’m really happy with how it’s turned out and I hope everyone likes it as much as I do!”

DOWNES BRAIDE ASSOCIATION Launch “Your Heart Will Find The Way” – The Second Track From Upcoming Album ‘Halcyon Hymns’

Chris Braide says: “Your Heart Will Find The Way has an almost YES like quality of all the songs from Halcyon Hymns I feel, in that it’s very up and direct. It’s also a great example of how Geoff and I will sometimes write. Geoff sent me the verse chord progression and the riff and then I added the chorus chord progression and the melody just fell out on top of those two elements. The brooding verse and majestic riff coupled with the uplift of the chorus dictated the lyric which is about listening to your inner voice and trusting your gut instinct to navigate you out of adversity…It’s a positive self-affirmation of a song.”


It only takes one listen to become enchanted by the angelic high tenor of Moe Young, the 23-year-old Arkansas native who is quickly emerging as a can’t-miss R&B prospect. Influenced by Lyfe Jennings, Brian McKnight, and T-Pain, Moe has already forged a signature sound that combines stripped-down, modern production with the melodic and thematic sensibilities of ’90s and ’00s R&B. Shortly after releasing his 6-track self-titled EP this summer, he signed to Internet Money, the Taz Taylor- and Nick Mira-led collective that has become one of the most prolific hit factories in popular music, with three Grammy noms, 58 platinum plaques, and 14 Billboard #1s to their name since 2018.

German Indie-Pop Artist lùisa Announces New Album; Shares Title Track “New Woman”     

German indie-pop artist and multi-instrumentalist lùisa is excited to share her third full-length album, New Woman, will be released on May 7th, 2021. The album tackles grief, female empowerment, and social activism with stirring and emotional pop laced with a touch of eighties indie rock nostalgia. Though the lyrics revolve around loss and grief, the album stays hopeful as lùisa does not focus on the hardships, but rather the way out of them. “I write in a very personal and autobiographical way, but I hope to transfer that to a more universal level,” says lùisa. “Songs should always ultimately work in a way that is detached from the author’s own experiences.”

Jæ releases seductive new track on label dedicated to supporting Trans artists

Today, NYC-based artist, Jæ releases a spicy new track, “Independent Femme” on celebrated label Trans Trenderz, an outpost for Trans artists.

With “Independent Femme,” Jæ harnesses the unapologetic power of femininity. An honest, tongue in cheek, melodic pop song with punching lyrics and memorable ad libs. Jæ combats the tired tropes of the cat and mouse game by reminding us all, “don’t nobody wanna do this shit for free!”

Says the artist, “I know I’m not the only GIRL with a flooded request inbox and countless dating horror stories. This one’s for the bad girls who know that those men, who are on their bullshit, are putty in our hands; not the other way around.”

Americana Indie/Soul Family Band, Shannon Clark & the Sugar Release New Video On Finding Relief After Loss via Elmore Magazine

Hailing from rustic Darke County, Ohio, Americana/indie-soul act, Shannon Clark & the Sugar, announce their video “Carry Me,” due out on January 15, 2021. Lucky that talent runs in the family, the husband, wife, and daughter team write and perform their original music about personal loss, struggles and the human condition, weaving together heartfelt emotions with a distinctive flair. The single, “Carry Me” garnered # 3 artist on Apple News in the month of December and Chillfiltr Magazine praised, “The raw emotion of Shannon’s vocal delivery exposes the bittersweet beauty of his lyrics and might just have you hugging your loved-ones a little bit tighter tonight.”

Shannon Clark & the Sugar ask: “Carry Me”

Demon Hunter debut stripped down single “I Will Fail You (Resurrected)” from new album out March 5th

DEMON HUNTER debuted the first single, a reworked version of “I Will Fail You,” from their forthcoming album, Songs of Death and Resurrection, a mostly acoustic and stripped-down release due March 5, 2021, via Solid State Records.

Songs of Death and Resurrection features 11 new “Resurrected” versions of classic DEMON HUNTER songs from across their ten studio albums, including fan favorites such as “I Am a Stone,” “I Will Fail You,” “Carry Me Down,” and “The Heart of a Graveyard,” plus a brand new composition, “Praise the Void”. Marking an entirely new approach for DEMON HUNTER, Songs of Death and Resurrection finds the band using lush string arrangements, haunting piano, and layered vocal harmonies.

Singer-Songwriter Baby Yors Drops Single & Video for Sex-Fueled Dance Anthem “Like A Gun”

Today, genre-defying singer, songwriter and performer Baby Yors, who’s been hailed as a “singing, dancing, and gyrating example that the American dream may still be alive,” releases “Like a Gun,” his most raw, revealing, and danceable release to date.


The new single “NEVER COMING DOWN” from Deadhead Daisies is set for release everywhere Friday, Jan 15, 2021. The song is the third single off the upcoming independent debut album from Toronto-based songwriters and producers Jordan and Justin Kahn.

The genre-blending rap ballad is punctuated by more intense, upbeat pop moments and a bass-heavy arrangement with a chilled out “late night” vibe. The new song was written, recorded, performed, and produced by the duo in their home studio in Toronto, Canada. A music video for the song is slated for release next week.

Folk-Pop Trio WILD’s Debut LP ‘Goin’ Back’ Out Now

Today, indie-folk-pop trio WILD released their highly anticipated debut full-length record, Goin’ Back. The songs were born from a fruitful writing trip to Nashville pre-covid, but WILD felt it was important to return to Los Angeles to record. “We make ‘L.A. Folk.’ If you go to Oregon, Tennessee, or Texas, the genre sounds different. This is what folk would sound like in Los Angeles because of the production and the hooks.” They add, “‘Goin’ Back’ is something we’ve been working towards for a long time. We feel it embodies everything we stand for as a band and shows all our growth throughout the years.”

Brooklyn-based​, Post-Rock/Shoegaze/​Post-Metal Trio, SleapingDreaming, Announce New Single via Pancakes and Whiskey

Brooklyn-based​, Post-Rock/​Post-Metal Shoegaze band ​​SleapingDreaming announce their single, “Sojourner’s Truth,” out 1/15/21, ahead of ​their album, M. Inclemens due out 3/26/2021. Through the forthcoming record, the trio explores a sense of dreamy detached surrealism and creates dense, noisy, layered music​ with occasional vocals ​that ​cover haunting, hypnotic soundscapes. Deeply influenced by bands like ​Slowdive, Sleep, Mogwai, Neurosis, Godspeed You​, ​Black Emperor, The Cure, and Hum​, ​ the trio’s new, angular, and doomy single, “is loosely based on the life of Sojourner Truth (Isabella Baumfree), a slave that became a powerful force in the abolitionist movement pre-civil war. She was born and raised in an area upstate NY, in common to one of our band members and so it sparked a personal interest.”


UB40 Celebrates Over 40 Years Of ‘Signing Off,’ Announces Vinyl Reissue Out March 14

40 years after its landmark release in 1980, the vinyl reissue of UK pop/reggae band UB40 debut album Signing Off, will be released on March 14, 2021 via EMI/UME. An instant critical success, Signing Off debuted at #2 on the UK album charts and was later certified Platinum by the BPI, with singles “Food For Thought” and “I Think it’s Going To Rain Today” reaching the top ten of the UK singles charts. The 2LP (180g) red vinyl features all 10 original tracks, as well as three bonus tracks (“Madam Medusa”, “Strange Fruit,” and “Reefer Madness”).

UB40 celebrates “Signing Off”‘s 40th anniversary

Country duo, Folks Like Them, announces a new single called, “The River Still Flows”

Songwriting and storytelling country duo, Folks Like Them, have announced the upcoming release of their new single “The River Still Flows.” A country track about the importance of stealing quick moments to recenter yourself and find peace, “The River Still Flows” is the duo’s official first single of 2021. During this time of unrest, the need for tranquility is at an all-time high. The Americana track will be available on all digital platforms today Friday, January 15, 2021.

WATCH: Nathan Dawe and Little Mix Unveil Official Video To ‘No Time For Tears’

Nathan Dawe and Little Mix have unveiled the official video to ‘No Time For Tears’ – a record that follows Nathan’s ‘Lighter’ ft. KSI and UK Top 20 breakthrough smash, ‘Flowers’ ft. Jaykae, both of which were recently certified Platinum, and Little Mix’s UK #1 single, ‘Sweet Melody’.


Originally from the small town of Athens, Texas, Tay Money grew up on rap music and started freestyling with her friends as a teenager. After relocating to Dallas in 2015, she began working at a beauty salon and soon started making her name as a rapper. In 2018 she broke through with “Trappers Delight,” whose video surpassed 1.1 million views in under a month. Known for her Southern accent and unmistakable style, Tay Money has since scored viral hits with infectious tracks like “MONEYWAY.”

Dynamomin Presents His Video For ‘Broken’