Christee Palace – “What Have You Done to Me”

What have you done to me?

I remember asking myself this question at a time when I felt completely consumed by the subject of this song… A feeling like I was almost unrecognizable to myself. Sometimes love can change you, fully overtaking your body and mind.

I knew when I started writing this song that I wanted it to perfectly represent how I felt about this person, and all the darkest emotions that followed.

Collaborating with producer Tal Vaisman, we were able to create a haunting atmosphere which captured the sense of powerlessness and vulnerability at the heart of “What Have You Done to Me.”

That one person who just constantly keeps hanging on can make you feel like you’re in a prison, unable to move on with your life. The writing and recording of this song provided me with a sense of acceptance.

I said everything that has been built up inside of me for years, and when I listen to it, I feel a sense of relief, like somehow this song is my closure.