FaB New Single “Persuasion”

FaB (Fitzsimon and Brogan) deliver a fantastic piece of alt rock on the celebratory “Persuasion”. With an energy that recalls Blur at the peak of their powers, there is a hazy, dazed quality to the way the many elements intermingle. Parts of the sound feel akin to a dead ringer for Blur’s “Parklife” as there is a gentleness to the way they let loose. Best of all, their vocals only add to this dreamy experience as it all is woven together in a vast tapestry of sound.

The guitars ring out clear and true right at the forefront, and from there the buildup becomes ever more impeccable. With an influence as well from Britpop’s sense of flair they work wonders in growing and evolving the lush, decadent grooves. Vocals swim through the cosmic din adding to the disoriented experience. Beyond the usual, the way that they set the riffs up to soar into the sky even harkens back to a bit of shoegaze’s sense of delirium for the way the song pulses with energy feels magnificent. Lyrics help to frame the work featuring some gorgeous wordplay that simply pops. Growing ever larger, for the final stretch they let it all out resulting in a fantastically animalistic rush of color that brings the whole of the track to an eloquent close.

“Persuasion” proves to be a potent piece one that touches upon the best of thought-provoking pop for FaB (Fitzsimon and Brogan) embrace a sense of true freedom.