New single release on Bongo Boy Records by Brian Cooney titled – ‘Nothing Greater (Special Edition)’

Brian Cooney delivers a song of pure devotion on the powerful “Nothing Greater”. The lush arrangement recalls an updated chamber pop spirit one that feels good for the soul. With nods to Grizzly Bear’s baroque take on folk, for the sheer amount of instrumentation results in a vast tapestry of sound. Every single little flourish feels lovely and full of vibrant color. Interplay on the track feels rather beautiful for it all comes together into a singular sound. Lyrics however, serve as the main focal point from which all else revolves. Exploration of faith happens within these carefully chosen words each of which is utilized in a way that is truly inspirational.

Piano chords introduce the song giving it a stately grace to it. Rhythms have a low-slung cadence to them for they take their time for this is a song of contemplation of a higher power. Drums go for a powerful emotional impact with the hit working wonders, swirling about in a way that feels sweeping in scope. Vocals work together to create a communal quality, one that proves that no one is ever alone when navigating the ups and downs of life. Melodies, rich and crystal-clear, has a gracious presence as they shimmer with such life. Evolution of the sound has an almost classical quality for it does has a sweeping scope to it.

“Nothing Greater” shows off Brian Cooney’s impeccable storytelling in creating a beautiful, soothing world.


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