6 Reasons Why Tumblers are Great Gift Ideas

Buying a gift for someone is one of the most common reasons why people shop. Type in “what gift to buy,” “gifts for girlfriend,” “the best birthday gift,” and such, there would be numerous lists of where you can base your gift from. How you choose the gift you buy would depend on who the receiver would be, their preferences, what would be useful for them, the trends they’re into, and more. It can be very challenging to choose the perfect gift. People will want to receive a gift they know the giver put thought into it.

Almost all of the lists that recommend or rank gifts to buy for someone would always include tumblers; better yet, customized tumblers! Here are some of the reasons why it can be the perfect gift!

  • Affordable

Tumblers are everywhere, and they’re low cost! It can vary in materials; whether made of plastic, metal, wood, and others, it would still be affordable. More so, customizing it would not add so much cost to it. Some even have promos where customization and printing services for the tumblers are free when you purchase the tumbler itself from them.

  • Personalizable

The best thing about customized tumblers is that they’re personalized. You may think ‘customized’ means the same thing as ‘personalized,’ but it doesn’t. Personalizing them means adding a personal experience, memory, or message into it that you associate with the person you’ll be giving the personalized tumbler. This makes the item a more intimate and unique gift. Although it’s known as an ordinary gift, you can make it a memorable and unique one by customizing it.

  • Versatile

It’s for everyone. You don’t have to worry about whether it would suit a person. A tumbler is age-neutral and gender-neutral. Choose a sleek design or customize it to look that would not fall into a specific category. 

  • Essential

Tumblers are something a person can use every day. It’s essential to drink water, and what better way to drink water anywhere than to bring a tumbler with you. People have become practical over time, and one quality people value nowadays in giving and receiving gifts is an item’s usability and the benefit it brings a person. No matter how many years pass, tumblers will not lose their essentiality for everyday life and specific activities such as hiking, playing sports, going to the gym, attending dance lessons, and whatnot.

  • Trendy

Working out, having a healthy lifestyle, and participating in different extracurricular activities such as traveling and hiking have become trends. In all these mentioned, a tumbler is an item that a person who enjoys these activities would usually, if not always, have. Even just owning tumblers has even become a trend. Thus, it would be an excellent gift for anyone. You can also customize it to have a design that’s trendy whenever you plan to give it.

  • Supports an advocacy

Having a tumbler is known as an essential factor in having a sustainable lifestyle. It helps protect the environment by avoiding using disposable water bottles and drinking from plastic cups. People who support sustainability and environmental justice advocacy would be happy that you chose a tumbler as a gift. For people who are not very much into the movement, you’ll still be able to help them practice sustainability even in a small way.