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Babehoven returns with Yellow has a pretty good reputation!

“‘Dissociative Tally’ is largely about feeling detached from my sense of self. As someone who struggles with dissociative tendencies, sometimes I feel like I’m moving around in a foggy dream. This song explores that experience. This EP is recorded onto tape and the voice has been slowed down to create a form of detachment from my day-to-day voice. The slow, slightly lower drawl of the voice represents what it feels like to be in a state of persistent, mild delirium.” -Maya Bon

“Orange Klan”- A Scathing Rebuke of Xenophobia & White Nationalism

New Orleans based band, Kuwaisiana is set to release their new EP, ‘Chapter 2,’ this Friday January 15th and today they’ve blessed us with a lyric video for their timely new single, “Orange Klan.”

With lyrics in both Arabic and English, “Orange Klan” is a scathing rebuke of xenophobia and white nationalism set to a refreshing blend of ska, Khaleeji rhythms, and traditional New Orleans brass music. As a sextet with members from Turkey, France, and New Orleans, and with LOTS of brass and percussion, Kuwaisiana pretty much transforms several musical traditions.

The Barettas have returned with a new single, “Touché”

Hamilton rock duo The Barettas have returned with a new single, “Touché”. The track is an upbeat pump up song that’s been paired with a performance video.

His His Reveals Bold New Track “Winter Journal”

His His’ second single, “Winter Journal,” is most easily defined by the Portuguese word “saudade”, a feeling of longing and melancholy.

His His is the project of Toronto-based artist Aidan Belo. Combining delicate guitar lines with simple yet thoughtful vocals, Belo created this project as an outlet after relocating to his family’s hobby farm outside of the city, in an attempt to evoke something rural and honest.

Cristin Milioti shares cover of Bon Iver’s “715 Creeks” via Rolling Stone

Today singer and actress Cristin Milioti shares a cover of Bon Iver’s “715 Creeks” via Rolling Stone. Miloti tackles the heavily auto-tuned Bon Iver track “715 Creeks” from his 22, A Million album and strips away all the effects to reveal the stark melody of the song, laid bare. It’s quite an accomplishment and no easy task.

Cristin Milioti Releases Cover of Bon Iver’s ‘715 Creeks’


Electronica-tinged chanteuse Yevae (pronounced Yeh-vah) is set to release her as-of-yet-untitled debut album on Friday, March 12th. The nascent Ukrainian-American singer blends an eclectic mix of mesmerizing vocals, pulsing electronic rhythms and memorable melodies with a message of uplifting positivity for an unforgettable result. The panoramic video and poignant message for new track, “I Run To You,” exemplifies this and is out now.

Of the recently-released “I Run To You,” Yevae commented, “When you see the warning signs of suicide among your friends, you can become their bridge to the reality they are about to leave behind…This is a story about suicide with two possible outcomes. Suicide is not just an issue here in the US, global statistics are just as jarring. Depression is the leading cause of disability across the globe.”


Following the release of the captivating and soulful new EP The Shave Experiment, Q returns with the romantic new visual for “Garage Rooftop”. Shot and directed by Loris Russier, the dreamy new video set in Miami follows the South Florida heartthrob and leading lady (as well as frequent collaborator) Sophie Fabien.

Kino Motel Shares “Simple Desire” Via Under The Radar, Official Music Video Coming Soon

Melbourne-based duo KINO MOTEL’s windy and spacious second single, “Simple Desire”, sees Rosa Mercedes take on lead vocal duties, weaving her addictive melodies around deep rolling bass lines. Bandmate Ed Fraser provides a bendy soundscape on guitars and synth, using seemingly elastic notes to bend each section into the next, while Josefin Runsteen completes the composition with some beautifully-vintage drum beats. Under The Radar premiered the track, praising the band’s ability to “create a weightless character for the melody, anchored only by an ever-steady rhythm section.”

Austin Meade Shares “Déjà vu” Video

“Every day feels the same when sitting still,” Meade shares. “Falling in line and being told what to do gets boring — as soon as I realize what’s happening. There’s usually a few peaceful moments on co-pilot mode before freaking out and changing the routine. I thought I might escape that by traveling and playing music. But it turns out that you do the same routine, just in new places. Whether it’s Sunday afternoon getting prepared for the work week, Sunday afternoon getting ready for school, Sunday afternoon enjoying your church luncheon, or Sunday afternoon hungover on a 12-hour van ride…it all feels the same after a while.”