Online hacks to make your life simpler

Who isn’t a user of the internet in this world? We all need internet at one point or another for many tasks of our daily routine depend on it. That is probably one of the reasons why ‘internet providers near me’ has been one of the topranking keywords in the search engines. Nonetheless, there are many tasks that we can’t do without the internet. If only we knew how to use it well, we could make our lives a lot easier. This article is going to be devoted to pointing out five internet hacks that will help you have more fun life than the one you are leading: 

Log out of Facebook, Remotely 

Has this ever happened to you that you sent to your friend’s place and randomly asked them to use their computer? You probably had something important to check on it, or maybe you were just getting bored and wanted to kill time. Anyway, if out of any reason, you logged in to your Facebook and forgot to log yourself out, and you realized this when you reached back to your place with the fear of losing privacy of your account at the expense of some drunk guys, then there is still a possibility of avoiding maximum damage. What you have to do is, open your Facebook account from your place, and go to “settings”, then go to “security”, and click on “when you’re logged in”. This is where you can find the last place you were logged in from and can easily turn that off. The problem is solved

What you can’t find anywhere, you can find on Google 

There are many instances when you can’t remember the last part of the phrase that is stuck in your head. You keep scratching your head, and in fact, you invite more people to this endeavor. None of the candidates reach the answer and now it has become a collective problem. What do you do? What is the solution to this? The easiest way out? You simply write down the chunk of the phrase on Google and get the rest of it in the search you derive from Google. Google is the right place when it comes to researching whatever topic you’re stuck at. Not only would it complete the sentence in your mouth, but it would also explain to you with tiny bit details on the subject. 

Soft Blocking on Twitter 

You can’t always love someone; sometimes, there is no apparent reason behind disliking someone on Facebook. Sometimes it is just how a certain person behaves that doesn’t go with your temperament that makes you want to dislike the person. It could either be just about a random thing, a vibe, or the aura of a specific person that you don’t like. You don’t want to offend this person by removing them from your account or, in fact, blocking them for no genuine reason. To keep yourself at a safe distance from such a company, what you can do is “mute” them from your account. The respective person would not know that you did it and at the same time, you would not be updated about every thought that crosses their mind. 

Incognito Windows

At your workplace, we are sure the employees aren’t allowed to access their social media accounts because it wastes a good amount of their time and, also, it is very unprofessional and morally wrong to compromise on the work you are supposed to do.

But sometimes you are getting a bit too bored and due to this boredom, you can’t continue with your work. What you do is, sign in on your Facebook page, scroll through whatever everybody is up to and this process serves as a break for you. The problem is, your boss does not know how Facebook would help you with this, and due to the restrictions, he could scold or punish you for the act. What you can do is, use incognito windows that not everyone can access. The things you research or randomly explore may also be private. You probably would not want to get caught on those as well. So, there comes another reason to access incognito windows. 

Mute Unneeded Email Threads

Obviously, you would want to keep yourself away from unnecessary notifications for the reasons that they consume your time. Also, you like to keep your inbox arranged so that you don’t lose the important data from your inbox. For example, your boss asks you to look for an important email that he/she sent you but you can’t locate it because your inbox is spammed by multiple messages from websites you signed upon in your leisure time. To avoid such inconvenience, what you can do is block the thread altogether. What you need to do for that purpose at the top right of your inbox, open the “more” tab and press “mute” in the list of tabs. That’s how simply you rid yourself of unnecessary spamming. 

Download Apps for specific tasks  

There are millions of applications, all designed to do specific tasks on your phone. You cannot imagine the number of activities you can do on your phone with the help applications you can easily install on your phone. They are free and easy to use. For example, if you need to scan any document and you cannot have it scanned for the scanner in your office is acting up, what you do in this situation is, open the Application Store on your phone, type in the application you need to use, click on the “Download” icon and get your phone upgraded with a number of advance applications. If you are a user of Android or iPhone, there is a chance that you may not get the application of your choice as some are restricted to specific systems; but this may not be the case considering the increase in the number of applications. 

Given all these internet hacks, you must have realized how you need the internet to do the smallest as well as the biggest of tasks. If it has got you into bringing a good internet provider to carry out all these jobs, you should consider looking into Spectrum internet packages.