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BINNY’s new single “Prime”

BINNY is a bedroom pop artist born and bred in Maryland. Having sung before he could even talk, BINNY’s musicality runs deep in his veins. Growing up in a family of musicians, he learned piano from the early age of six, before self-teaching the guitar and eventually onto songwriting and producing.

NEW VIDEO ALERT! Smackbound “Wind And Water”

And lookout for vocalist Netta Laurenne’s upcoming duets album with Noora Louhimo this year! Two powerhouse Finnish singers on the same album!

The Neighbourhood Watch Share New Single “Focus Up”

“Focus Up,” the first single to be shared from their forthcoming new record, Lost in Bloom, is about how it can be hard to keep friendships intact as you grow up and need to make selfish decisions more often.


L’Impératrice present “Peur des Filles”: a sarcastically scathing ode to femininity, sprinkled with all the wit they’re known for. It’s a decidedly modern track which is underscored by director Aube Perrie’s (Angèle, Bon Entendeur…) resolutely rebellious and playful music video, with references to Mars Attacks as well as to Warren G and 60’s horror movies.

COLLAPSE CULTURE: BrooklynVegan Premieres “Disabuse”

As newly formed duo COLLAPSE CULTURE prepares to issue their eponymous debut album via Pax Aeternum in late January, a new single from the album has been issued, with an exclusive stream of “Disabuse” hosted by BrooklynVegan.

Introducing Oscar DeLaughter – “Just Woke Up”

Today Dallas native Oscar DeLaughter is sure to put a spring in your step for 2021 with new single “Just Woke Up.” A fitting, hopeful song to describe the feelings most have had over the past year, as it tackles the internal struggle of wanting self improvement & accepting you want that during a time you’ve been dealt a crap hand. The single is self-produced, mixed by Joe Grasso, and self-released.

Anarchic art-house punk pop musician Benedict Sinister channels Debbie Harry with new single

French /Australian music artist, producer, poet and video creator Benedict Sinister releases a new single on 4thJanuary, ‘Spitting Rhymes From Debbie Harry’, his homage to the Blondie icon, via the Music For Sapiosexuals label. These shocking lines”When I was dealing with depression / There was nothing better than heroin”are the opening and chorus to the track as well as a quote from Harry’s recently published autobiography ‘Face It – A Memoir’. The single is an instant punk pop classic.

Progressive metal band BENTHOS sign with Eclipse Records, new album out April 23

Eclipse Records is extremely excited to announce the signing of Benthos to an exclusive worldwide deal. The band is an experimental progressive metal band that combines ethereal atmospheric song structures with geometrically heavy riffs. Benthos was formed in 2017 by Gabriele Papagni and Enrico Tripodi who were both studying classical guitar at Italy’s largest music university, The Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory of Music. The band is gearing up to release their debut album II via Eclipse Records on April 23, 2021.

LIZZARD: French Power Trio Unveils “The Decline” Video

If color could communicate premonitions of feelings and introspective mental states, then the album cover of LIZZARD’s Eroded would be an adequate synopsis of the current state of the world: the ochre, brown, and green feel tired, worn, drained, eroded… but the bright yellow and orange and the central white parts insinuate a statement of hope, and in that the album art couldn’t be a more adequate representation of LIZZARD’s music: a melting pot of invigorating riffs, heavy driven groove, and catchy vocal lines. In early 2021, Eroded comes as a strong, hopeful voice expressing the suppressed yearning for an end of this madness which we all carry inside.


Nav released his Wheezy produced Emergency Tsunami mixtape featuring Lil Baby, Young Thug, Lil Keed, and others late last year, and today he’s dropped a video for “Young Wheezy” ft. Gunna. The video takes his lyric from the track “cost an arm and a leg just to see me perform” literally as fans line up to see the XO chart-topping rapper and producer in a concert where severed limbs are the price of admission.

Houdxni “Drippin” New Single!

Wait4What Creations brings a hot new crossover track titled “Drippin” performed by Houdxni. New Tape “Houdxni Prophecy” out now on all platforms.

Artist: Bru Heff – Track: Gotta Get It

Up Coming Rap Artist Bru Heff From Long Island NY Inspired By some Of the pioneers Of Hip hop Is looking To Make a Name Amongst The Greatest To ever Do It with His Lyrical Abiltiy By Putting some of the most Unthinkable Metaphors And punchlines Together While Still keeping His Style Fresh For the New Age Of Hiphop And Rap Music.

TikTok Influencer Baby Storme Releases New Video For ‘Jackson’

A New York native with a unique style and distinct sound is taking the streaming world by storm. Appropriately named, Baby Storme, this new artist has the confidence and charisma that music is missing and her new single “Jackson” is sure to make all listeners believers. “Jackson is a song I would describe that makes you feel good, but in a dark way. When I wrote that song, I was looking to write something that would stick in people’s heads. When I came up with the beat, I instantly thought “stalker!” I thought it would be fun to come up with a fictional story of me pretending to be someone i’m really not so, I took that idea and ran with it. …While creating a bop at the same time.”

Italy’s ULTRA-VIOLENCE Returns with Matured Metallic Sound on New Single, “The Storm”

“’The Storm’ is the first song we completed for this cycle,” explains vocalist and band founder Loris Castiglia. “We think it’s the best way to present this new era of the band to the world. The song is all about how we ‘made it through hell’ being a band in the music industry for the past 10 years – starting at the age of 15, dreaming about touring the world and doing this for a living, and being slapped in the face year after year by how hard and discouraging this journey can be. But we won’t stop. This music is what makes me feel alive and the fact that doing it in a sustainable way is super hard makes me want it even more.”

ULTRA-VIOLENCE Bring A Wave of Riffs with "The Storm"


Deemed as “one of music’s most in-demand producers” by The Source a few weeks ago, Bongo experienced an undeniable winning streak of the 2020 year – earning two 2021 Grammy nominations for his contributions to Kanye West’s Jesus Is King (Best Contemporary Christian Music Album) and Ant Clemons Happy To Be Here (Best R&B Album). Moreover, his recent production (again) with Ant Clemons and Justin Timberlake for the critically-acclaimed record “Better Days” continues to bring forth a beacon of hope and inspiration during these unprecedented times.

Artist: Trevor James – Track: Rendezvous

Rock-pop track about a man who walks into a bar one night and sees his former flame for the first time in years. Is this simply a random chance encounter? Or was their rendezvous meant to be?

Country Singer/Songwriter Mary Sarah and Boyfriend Mitch Clark Announce The Birth Of Avalyn Mae

After nine months of pure bliss and anticipation, country music sensation Mary Sarah and her singer/songwriter boyfriend Mitch Clark brought their first child, Avalyn Mae into the world on Wednesday, January 6th, 2021 at 2:31 pm CST in Nashville, Tennessee.

“Mitch and I are both big believers in the meaning behind a name,” shares Mary Sarah. “We had tossed around several ideas before having some interest in the names Addeline and Ava. Mitch kinda put the two names together and said what about Avalyn? We sat on it for a couple of days and then went to check the meaning and found, “Sound, Voice, Power, Beautiful breath of life.” We felt like that was a perfect fit for our girl. The middle name Mae came from a list of things. My nickname is May, we found out I was pregnant in May, Mitch was a May baby, and the name Mae is in Mitch’s side of the family.”


Making a bold return to the spotlight, the 2019 Mercury Prize and 2020 Grammy nominated songstress returns after a two year hiatus with music that is infused with rhythm, movement and meaning, and her new track is no exception. “Antidote” is a sultry Afro-pop love song which pays a strong homage to the sounds that emerge from Africa; with a heavy use of drum and bass loops, an infectious bassline and melody, and the combination of both Nao & Gold’s velvety vocals (and African vocal adlibs), the track exudes an ethereal, carefree sound, as well as one laced with the theme of a spiritually and physically linked romantic connection as the artists proclaim: “you’re my antidote, cause I’m in love, you already know”.

Artist: Yazo – Track: Ao

Yazo is a Japanese artist based in Berlin. She’s releasing her debut two-track digital EP Ao on Unsustainable.

Her world of music is changing constantly like the weather. Her inspirations are abstract, arabic/latin beats, dance floor and more. Her debut release “Ao” is about a relationship that is coming to an end, about suffering and decisions that need to be made.

Artist: Venimeux – Track: The Pulse of Pleasure

It’s a chill and sexy house track with a bassline inspired by the funk era. I love the way the track feels like it’s pulsing with the beat- hence the name “The Pulse of Pleasure”. It’s the strongest track I have from my latest EP “Taste of Venom” and i’ve received a lot of good feedback for this track so far.