Becca Bowen Shares Empowering Message with New Single “Just Be You”

Country artist Becca Bowen releases highly anticipated new single “Just be You.”

“My daughter was bullied at school for wearing her favorite cowboy boots. She’s always loved wearing her cowboy boots…it’s just a part of her Southern upbringing,” remembers Bowen during a recent exclusive interview with Taste of Country. “I looked at her, and I told her point-blank that you have to be who you are. I don’t care if you wear Converse or cowboy boots, you are beautiful because God made you that way. He does not make mistakes.”

Becca Bowen grew up with quite a diverse background. Raised as a typical Southern Belle in South Carolina, as a child she participated in pageants and talent shows – but her weekends were spent fishing and enjoying the outdoors with her grandfather. A true tomboy with a tiara.

It was through this love of fishing, hunting, and all things outdoors that she earned her nickname, Country Barbie. She has always been the girl who loves wearing camo and getting down and dirty in the woods just as much as she loves dressing up and putting on a show.