Clark Ford New Single ‘In Your Eyes’ feat. Underground Treehouse and Michael Lusk

Clark Ford delves into a blissful heavenly world on the powerful “In Your Eyes feat. Underground Treehouse and Michael Lusk”. Every gesture is carefully considered for he incorporates a chamber country pop quality. Done with the utmost of care, the way that the track unfurls shows a sense of purpose. Rock and folk elements further filter into the fray adding to the tender tone of the sound. Best of all the lyrics feel visceral, with their kindness tying the entirety of the piece together in a way that sounds so soothing.

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The song wastes no time as it starts up exploring the initial impulse of what led to such a compassion caring relationship. Everything about this has an emotionally moving core from the beauty of the slide guitar to the way that the strings gradually enter into the blissful mix. Layer upon layer is brought into the mix resulting in a kaleidoscopic array of sound. Melodically rich, the melody lingers on throughout the whole of the piece, further adding to the power of his lyrical prowess. Sung in a way that feels truly sincere and honest, he pours his heart out for the listener, a wonderful touching tribute to the one he truly loves and adores.

“In Your Eyes feat. Underground Treehouse and Michael Lusk” reveals Clark Ford to be a true singer-songwriter offering a sense of poetry within his powerful country ballad.