What is the right age to have a breast augmentation performed?

Dissatisfaction with the volume or shape of the breasts occurs in young and older women. Women under the age of 18 regularly inquire about the possibilities for breast augmentation. In this blog, we provide information about the age limit for plastic surgery and we explain why the plastic surgeon sometimes advises patients of eighteen years to wait a while before having an operation.

Plastic surgery from 18 years

According to Dutch law, everyone is an adult from the age of eighteen. From this age, all cosmetic procedures are allowed, including those without medical indication. Of course, plastic procedures are performed on minors. You can think of removing a birthmark with an asymmetrical shape. There is a clear medical indication for this procedure.

Why breast augmentation?

Many young women who want breast augmentation are dissatisfied with their cup size. They are also sometimes bothered by the shape of their breasts. For example, you can think of tubular or tuberous breasts. A third common reason for young women to have Breast Augmentation Chicago is when the difference between the two breasts is very large.

Full grown body

While many women stop growing after the age of seventeen, the breasts usually continue to grow for a while. Although most cup sizes do not increase after the age of 18, growth can continue until the age of 21. How long the breasts will continue to grow differs from person to person and cannot be predicted in advance.

Some clinics exceptionally treat parental consent at a younger age, depending on the type of procedure. For example, the minimum age for treatment of flapits may be less than 18 years. The minimum age for a breast augmentation is, just like the age for an eyelid correction and a nose correction, at 18 years. Ultimately, it is always up to the plastic surgeon to determine whether he will perform the procedure on a client.

The minimum age for plastic surgery can vary by professional association and private clinic. What play a role in this are the type of surgery and whether the desired surgery has a medical or cosmetic reason. Keep this in mind when considering plastic surgery. Regardless of age, it is important to be well informed about the plastic surgery procedure you may wish to undergo. Find out about the selection process, the type of surgery and the Top Chicago Plastic Surgeons you may be treating. In addition, the experiences of others are also very important. This can help you make a choice.

Breast implants come in many different shapes and sizes. In addition, they also differ in volume, stiffness and texturing. Choosing a good and safe implant is essential to achieve a good result.

Consultation before the procedure

In young women, the doctor will also advise on the timing of the procedure. For example, if the breasts are still growing, it is wise to wait a little longer. Only when the body has fully grown can the plastic surgeon give good advice on the most suitable volume for the breast prostheses.