In which tournaments to bet on the outsider?

The quotes of rates in favor of outsiders are high, so many do not even consider them since they are psychologically unable to make bets with such odds. It is more difficult to predict the success of underdogs; however, to make a profit at a distance, sometimes it is enough to show 25-35% of forecast passability, depending on the average coefficient.Betting on favorites takes place more often, but one successful deal on an outsider can cover ten wins with odds of 1.25.

In addition, แทงบอล for strong opponents are undervalued, at least due to the huge volume of bets on one outcome. We discussed how to bet on outsiders in a separate article. Here we will analyze which tournaments are best suited for betting in favor of underdogs.


The tournament system affects the odds, so let’s look at the main competition formats and see which of them have the best outsiders. The favorites are achieving consistent results in longer tournaments. Outsiders tend to perform well in short-term competitions. Circular format Each team meets, usually at home and away.The system is common in many championships, mainly football (Premier League, Primera, Bundesliga, Serie A, RPL, Portuguese championship). Swiss system It resembles the previous format, but the number of tours is less.Not all teams meet each other. For example, there might be 30 participants at the table, but they will play only three matches. The system is used in chess and sometimes in esports.


In the competition, the opponent needs to win a certain number of victories, depending on how many wins the series lasts.


The result doesn’t matter. The system is used in the NBA playoffs, Stanley and Gagarin Cups. Olympic system Playoffs or elimination matches – a competitor stops fighting after being defeated. Examples are the Euro and World Cup playoffs, NFL.


The format is used to ensure that strong competitors do not compete in the early stages of the tournament. To use the system, an official rating of teams or athletes is required. The format is most often found in tennis, so only the strongest players usually get to the decisive stages of the competition.The first thing that immediately becomes noticeable in the table is the relationship between a smaller number of tournament participants (and hence fights) and the likelihood of the favorites’ success.

The strongest teams or athletes are more likely to win competitions according to the winning streak system. On the opposite side are knockout tournaments, which is quite logical since luck and winning several meetings are enough for a triumph, unlike the championship. of the favorites’ misfires happened in the first part of the season. In the German Bundesliga, the team, which was third in the last championship, can finish in the second half of the table in the new season. Bookmakers, based on the last championship, consider it strong and set low quotes for victory, while the team is already acting weaker and allows the outsider to win.

According to the results of 30 rounds of the drawing, 96 events came up under our conditions as a favorite outsider, 14 of which were successful. The average coefficient is 6.79. If in the Bundesliga they won 11.4% of bets of the total number of eligible matches, then in the Premier League – 13.44%.