Post-vacation blues turns into a lovely tune, check out ‘So Far From Home’ by Bun

Bun is the solo project of Belgian based Brecht Vanvyaene. He started out in march of 2020, just before covid19 put the entire world on a hold. But don’t think something like that will stop him! With ‘So Far From Home’ he just released his sixth single in this short period of time, which is gaining him momentum.

The song is about that post-vacation blues you can go through when you just got back from vacation.You were in a special place, you had the time of your life and now, you’re home, feeling completely numb and asking yourself “What the hell am I doing with my life?”, “What happened to this exciting life that I always dreamed of?”. (In his case, it was a trip to Thailand that got him in that mood.)


What does the song sound like? Well, if you like alternative rock with a 90s feel, I’m fairly sure you will like Bun and his new single ‘So Far From Home’. The song (as well as his other work) has a bit of that Oasis’ swagger combined with the drive and energy of Foo Fighters.