Leaving japan-what you need to do

It is the most challenging thing or decision to leave the house or a country. This is very true when you are moving out of your house in Japan too. If you have decided that you are going home from Japan or relocating to any other country, you will perhaps struggle a lot. You should be prepared before leaving Japan. So, to make everything related to moving out of Japan easy for you, here is a guide:

  • Quit your job

If you work in any office, inform your boss that you are leaving Japan and due to this reason, you have to quit your job. Before leaving your job, make sure you have taken your salary from your employer.

  • Pets

If you have any pets, you can either give them to someone you can trust or take them with you. To bring the pets with you, you will need to ship them as special cargo of live animals.

  • Pack your stuff

Even if you decide to leave most of your goods in Japan, perhaps you will still have some goods which you want to bring to the moving destination. Give yourself some time and decide what is really essential for you, then make a list and start packing them using that list. After packing, you can either have all your goods transported to the country of moving destination or take them with you.

  • Book a shipping service

Some of you may need to ship a comparatively large amount of personal stuff from Japan to another country. In such a case it would be better to ship them as international freight instead of taking all the boxes to the post office.  You should hire an international moving company in Japan to ship your personal belongings to save the cost when shipping a comparatively large amount of goods. Customs clearance on the Japan side and arranging freight shipping can be complicated if you are doing this for the first time but they can do this task for you without any hassle. Most of such moving companies have English speakers who serve international customers.  

  • Remove your stuff

Before leaving your residence in Japan, make sure that you are not leaving a single thing behind. Throw garbage from your home following the local rules. Disposing of all unnecessary stuff from home may cost some money. If there is anything that you need to sell, then go for it.

  • Sell your home

If you are not coming back to Japan, make sure you had made a deal of your house with someone. Sell your house before a month and ask the new landlord to live in that house for a short period.

  • Inform your house owner

If you are not your house owner and live on rent, then inform your landlord before moving out of Japan. And the clear fee of your apartment. All this should be done before a month or two.

  • Close your home

Before leaving your house, make sure the electricity is turned off, and there is no water leakage or any extra thing in your house. And all doors are locked.

  1. Gas, electricity, water supplies bills

Make sure you have submitted all the gas bills and electricity bills before moving from Japan. And also, do not forget to pay other utility bills which are left.

  • Contracts

Remember if you know that you are moving out of the country, you should not be making new contract with anyone. And if you had made any contracts or the alike cancel all of them before departure from Japan.

  • Insurance policy:

If you have an insurance policy for anything like your car or home, make sure you inform the company of the policies’ cancellation. Do it before leaving the country.

  • Visa:

Never forget to check your visa’s expiry date. Do not stay in Japan without visa or visa expiration date. If your visa has expired a week before your departure, you just can simply apply for a temporary visitor visa. It is necessary to apply for this to avoid a problem; otherwise, you may come across a problem when leaving Japan or returning to Japan.