What factors are responsible for natural eyelash growth?

Eyelash growth is important for many of us for various reasons. Someone may have lost their eyelashes due to an accident and may want them to grow back. There are certain diseases and conditions which cause the premature falling of the eyelashes and certain medications can also have similar effects on your lashes. But most of all, the growth of eyelashes is seen as a cosmetic pursuit as most women desire to have long and luscious eyelashes as they make their eyes appear more attractive and feminine.

There are various tips and tricks that are shared, given, and read from various sources that claim to help with eyelash growth. But how many of them actually work, and how many of them give long term results?

Let’s look at a few tips and tricks which have given good results in eyelash growth for women and men across the whole world. We can then discuss if they have the potential to actually give you good results. 

Applying Oil on Your Lashes:

We all know about the benefits of oiling the hair on our head and have seen that it promotes hair growth, even conditions them, and gives them a subtle shine.

But does oiling work for your eyelashes too? There are various people who have used and are experimenting with various different oils for growing thicker and darker eyebrows. But can the same remedy be used for the growth of the eyelashes? 

There are different types of oils that are used and recommended for eyelash growth such as castor oil, coconut oil, almond oil, and even olive oil. Some people like to mix essential oils such as rose oil in other carrier oils and apply them on the eyelashes for eyelashes growth. 

And yes, oiling does benefit your eyelash growth, but we cannot say for sure if each of them promotes eyelash growth. 

When we oil our eyelashes, they become softer as they get moisturized with the oil. It is a fact that hard, dry, and brittle eyelashes as well as hair fall easily as compared to softer and well-moisturized ones. So applying oils on your eyelashes does provide them with moisturization and proper conditioning. 

Some oils work for providing moisturize, some make your eyelashes darker, which some are good for making them thick. So, if you want to use oils for growing, you will have to experiment a bit and try out different oils for a considerable duration of time to see if they give you good results.

Applying oils on your eyelashes is just similar to how you may apply Careprost on your eyelash growth, just take some oil using a clean mascara wand, or cotton tip and apply the oil to your lashes. You can also rub some oil on your fingertips and apply them as long as you are sure that your fingers are clean, just dap the oil a little on your lashes, refrain from applying too much pressure as such action can hurt your eyes.

Eating Right to Grow your Lashes: 

If you check out the market you will find a variety of supplements that are specially designed for hair growth which you can eat, so that your hairs grow naturally.

But is there anything you can eat to promote eyelash growth? 

The answer is yes, as if you want natural growth, you must have to look at something internal that goes on in your body. And seeing that the food we eat has an impact on every part of our body, it is true that it has an impact on the colour, length, and thickness of our eyelashes as well. 

If you want to eat up to promote your eyelash growth, the macronutrients to load up on are proteins. Food rich in protein help in the prevention of hair loss across your whole body, and giving your thicker hairs on your lashes, eyebrows, and hairs on your head.

Keratin proteins are the building blocks of your hair, so make sure you eat food items rich in this vital nutrient for your eyelash growth. 

When it comes to micro-nutrients there are various vitamins such as vitamin B-complex, Vitamin E, and even minerals such as iron which are important for promoting as well as maintaining your eyelash growth. 

Vitamin E is so effective in promoting eyelash growth that many women tend to buy Vitamin E capsules and apply them on the lashes externally for their growth.

These are the things that actually work for the promotion of your eyelash growth and they have scientific backing as well as support of various people who have tried them out and seen positive results.

But the catch with these remedies is that they do not give assured results to everyone. If you are using a doctor recommended product such as Careprost for your eyelash growth, you are sure to see visible results within 2-3 weeks, which may not be the case if you are using oils and changing your diet. 

Growing your lashes by using natural remedies and eating right will give you long-lasting results, as long as you are patient to see the results and consistent in your efforts.