Tips for Choosing the Best Amplifier for Your Radio Set Up

When it comes to hearing more crisp music, an amplifier can be just what your radio needs to perform at its best. An amplifier will upgrade those existing speakers so that you can enjoy greater versatility in volume settings. If youre searching for a new radio amplifier, here are some tips to ensure you choose the right one.

Consider Factory Upgrades

When you choose a new amplifier, your safest bet is to consider a factory upgrade. These allow for more system sound and other upgrades that are designed with equipment that specifically fit inside of your vehicle. One of the most crucial parts of adding any sort of sound amplifier to your car is ensuring that it fits within the confined stereo space. When you purchase factory upgrades, you know for sure the amplifier will fit in your existing area.

Think About Speaker-Level Inputs

If youre not sold on the factory upgrade, youre likely searching an abundance of amplifiers to find the one that fits your needs. To make installation easier, you should pick an RF amplifier that is labeled as speaker-level inputs. This ensures that the amplifier will work with the factory speaker wiring running through your vehicle.

Make Sure Your RMS Ratings Match

Each amplifier will come with an RMS output rating per channel. Every speaker will also come with a top RMS rating. Youll want to know what your speakers top RMS rating is. This will help to narrow down your amplifier options because youll only want to use an amplifier that has an RMS output equal to or less than your speakers top output. If youve added additional speakers and youre dealing with multiple RMS ratings, always go with the lowest of the ratings when determining your max amplifier rating.

Determine Your Channel Need

Every amplifier will come with a specific number of channels that it can power. Each channel is hooked to a speaker in your vehicle. Most people who upgrade their amplifier opt for a 2-channel amplifier that connects solely to their front speakers. If you want to connect to both your front and rear speakers, youll want to purchase a 4-channel amplifier. Essentially, youll need to count on having one channel for each speaker that youll be powering throughout your vehicle.

Choosing the right amplifier for your vehicle starts with understanding their ratings and what your intentions are. By using the information above, youll be well on your way to picking the right amplifier for your car. And, always remember to take your future needs into account when making an amplifier purchase.

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