Raíz Releases Sensational Single ‘Over You’ By Sasha Lauryn

Whilst this year has halted even our best laid plans, for one rising star, this year was the catalyst for a whole new musical venture. Raíz, the Swiss-born singer songwriter revitalising our playlists this winter, relished the sudden free time and utilised every second to create his highly anticipated upcoming EP ‘Saudade’. Coming off the back of his hugely successful debut ‘Nightmare,’ ‘Over You’ is his fresh track ready to get us in our feels. Gracing our grey days with the infectious optimism of millennial pop, Raíz demonstrates exactly what it means to be a modern pop star. Accumulating over twenty-thousand streams on his debut this month alone, it’s evident Raíz’s musical magic is not going unnoticed.

‘Over You’ is an energetic, expertly crafted two and a half minutes rich with all the elements that sculpt a certified hit. This latest track is a smooth transition from impactful thematics of ‘Nightmare,’ as the semantic fields of love and nostalgia flows seamlessly from one song to another. Standing centre stage in the lush soundscape is the vibrant vocals that inaugurate Raíz as such an exciting act rising the ranks this year. Showcasing the intricate vocal acrobatics and the enticing, effortless tone that seem to come so easy to the rising star, it’s no wonder why this track has earned over four thousand streams in just over a week. ‘Over You’ is swimming with stunning synths and striking synth counter-melodies, accumulating in a soundscape sculpted with subtle details supporting Raíz sensational vocals with ease. Raíz speaks of that all-too relatable feeling when you just can’t seem to get someone out of your head; Raíz just gave us a reason to sing about it and, boy, does he do it with style. With an exciting trajectory unfolding before him, it’s no doubt Raíz is gearing up for an exciting 2021 with the upcoming release of his debut EP ‘Saudade’ – and whilst Raíz might be trying to get over the mysterious antagonist in latest certified bop, it’s of no doubt we won’t be getting over Raíz any time soon.

By Sasha Lauryn