New single from Sabriel – “Love Again”

“Love Again” narrates hyper-awareness when entering a new relationship. Pulsating, steady, yet interesting beats, have you encapsulated while a kaleidoscope of dreamy melodies take you on a celestial journey.

Sabriel (pronounced shä brē el), is a Las Vegas based singer, songwriter and producer whose goal is to explore vulnerability through her music. Her seductive neo-soul soaked sounds and unique, whimsical image are like nothing you’ve seen or heard before.

Her latest single “Love Again” was written, produced and recorded entirely by Sabriel. As a self-proclaimed introvert, the experience of recording alone in a makeshift closet studio in her bedroom, allowed the artist to flourish, playing around with new ideas and following her true path.

The song narrates hyper-awareness when entering a new relationship. Sabriel confides, “I’ve done a lot of self-work during the duration of the pandemic, with a huge focus on past and future relationships. I used to have a tendency to jump in quickly, ignoring any and all red flags. But moving forward, I refuse to lose myself in another person. So I’m carefully watching every step.” “Love Again” was the result of an online course Sabriel took about healing your relationships. The female-focused videos helped the artist learn about self-discovery, opening her up to new love, while maintaining a sense of confidence in her own life choices.