24/7 Vitals Provides Medical Smart Band and App with a Human Touch

Many medical tech companies provide the consumer with apps and gadgetry designed to help monitor health and wellness, from Apple’s latest wristband to the devices created by the Netherlands based Phillips. Very few though have such wares that come with what is often missing from technology – a connection with real live people.
That’s where 24/7 Vitals comes in. This California-based partnership between wellness professional Abby Aboitiz and businessman Bryon Chase have come up with a concept which brings together technology, tools and an active call center – all of which are affordable to the consumer.
24/7 Vitals has three components,” explains Ms. Aboitiz. “The main component is a dashboard which contains medical information and data for the client and/or their family. Then we have two tools –one is the app, the other is a smart band which gives the wearer immediate access to their stats. Medical insurance is accepted and if one is not covered by a provider, we make the platform affordable at a low cost.”
Incorporated within those three elements is round the clock access to a live call center operated by those who are available to the 24/7 Vitals client. Ms. Aboitiz – “Our representatives within the call center are there to share information with the client and family members so they can make wise health decisions. The call center folks are not medical professionals so they do advise the consumers to speak with their doctors and share the information that is given. This 24/7 availability to a real live person or group is one aspect that other brands who may have a medical-related app or wristband don’t offer.”
A ten-plus year professional in the health and wellness field, Abby Aboitiz was inspired to launch this platform as a result of her own challenges. “I was diagnosed with breast cancer years ago and am under treatment,” she shared. “Therefore, I wanted to create a way for others to directly monitor their own health and have access to medical information within 21st century technology. So I started a company called 24/7 Health, then teamed up with businessman Bryon Chase to develop the 24/7 Vitals system.”
“We have an expert panel of medical professionals who advise us, guidance and provide information that we can share with our clients,” Ms. Aboitiz further explains. “In addition, we’ve partnered with companies such as Medical Visual and other wellness centers that help us with our work. I don’t believe in competition – I believe in collaboration.”
Aboitiz and Chase are seeing success with the smart band with orders coming in from across the country. Despite the pandemic, the 24/7 Vitals folks look ahead for more consumers to come on board. “The world is changing and normalcy is out the window,” states Ms. Aboitiz. “With technology being prevalent, the human connection can get lost in the mix. That is why having our live call center is so important and vital (so to speak!). This provides the consumer with that line of communication to a real live person who can share information they can use to make solid decisions regarding their health and wellness. But we want to make this clear – we are not here to diagnose one’s condition, we’re here to provide info and stats.”
Website – www.247vitals.com