Zanillya shares her incredible new video ‘Sacrifices’

Today Amsterdam based artist Zanillya shares her stunning debut video for ‘Sacrifices’. The video represents her unique story in an empowering and compelling way that is hard to take your eyes off. The track is the first to come from her upcoming and highly anticipated, debut EP ‘Choose Life’. Co-produced with long time collaborator Humphrey Dennis, ‘Sacrifices’ was born from a place of reflection and inner strength.

The video is shot on 16mm and visualizes the inspiring journey Zanillya has made to get to where she is today. She wanted to portray the dynamic of inner conflict and pain up against the breakthrough moments of overcoming. The video starts off with Zanillya sitting in a room with plaques on the wall. The golden and platinum records are her father’s, the late disco legend Bobby Farrell (Boney M). The room represents her upbringing, her dreams and her innerworld. As the daughter of an artist, the reality of the music industry was imprinted on her from an early age. Zanillya witnessed first-hand the beauty and excitement, but also the dark side of it all.

The carefully considered aesthetic and the motivation behind it made shooting on film the natural choice, and challenge. Speaking more on that process, she shared:

I’m an independent artist so I had to get over my fears, take a risk and invest in myself. I sat with different directors but I didn’t really feel that someone else could portray my vision. So last minute I made the difficult decision to direct it myself. It was the most amazing and hard thing I have ever done, but because of it I feel so much more empowered. Even though the video didn’t come out completely how I envisioned, I learned sooo much. I think that is the beauty of believing and investing in yourself. You will fall and make mistakes but they will be yours. You can choose to grow and learn from them, or to give up and never reach your own potential.