Vinnie Vidal is not new to the music industry. The Royal Play Records CEO started his love affair with music at age 8 after his mother bought him a keyboard. He spent hours learning to play by ear and changing compositions to be unique to him. He went on to compose and direct a church choir at age 14. Vidal has been making beats and custom music since he was 15; however, the artist was mostly working behind the scenes until February this year when he released his first Hip Hop/Rap single titled “Talk to Me”. He has since consistently been producing and releasing singles that are gaining momentum and attention due to his unique sound and the shockingly wide versatility, he is able to infuse into the Hip Hop & Rap genre of music.


“LONG TIME”, Vidal’s latest single was just released on all platforms. “LONG TIME” is all about loving someone but being able to separate it in order to pursue your purpose. Vidal states “purpose is a greater value than love and you can’t have love without purpose”. The artist explains it’s been a long time, but he’s back and not only back empty handed, but with a purpose!

Hailing from Baghdad but now residing in Canada, Vidal developed a team and label, Royal Play Records. The CEO is a true testament to the rise of independent artistry, self-publishing and promotion over the traditional route. He states he has learned to take a bit of information from all sources because there is always something to be learned from everyone. He cautions up and coming artists about relying solely on one person for success saying “no one will see your vision clearer than yourself or hustle harder than you. You can’t depend on others for validation or you are setting yourself up for failure.”