Israel, singer-songwriter Roni Bar Hadas debut album titled ‘Calm the Beast’

After years of playing with various bands throughout Israel, singer-songwriter Roni Bar Hadas finally unveils her debut album titled Calm the Beast exemplifying Bar Hadas’ gorgeous vocals with a layered nuance of instrumentation that is seldom heard today.

Co-Produced by Zach Drory and Roni Bar Hadas, the album matures like a fine wine from start to finish, unveiling an inner-dialogue about love, self-acceptance, and the courage to be unveiled and revealed. Inspired by such artists like Elliot Smith, Fiona Apple, and Beck, their influences can be heard throughout the album which embraces a unique combination of alternative-pop, folk, and indie-rock, delivering a bliss on every listen.

About Roni Bar Hadas:

Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, Roni Bar Hadas was born to a home full of music. Starting her musical journey as a classical musician, all the while having the need and wanting to break free from the confines of classical music and share her own personal sound. Growing up, songwriting became an inseparable part of finding her way in the world, and an escape to satisfaction and comfort.