Partington & Sweeney Hitting the Scene with ‘Commonplaces’

Calling this new release by Partington & Sweeney a throwback album would be an understatement to say the least. Reason being is because this eclectic duo has decided to travel all the way back to the 19th and 20th centuries in America. Their latest album titled ‘Commonplaces’ focuses on the immigrants, farmers and factory workers during these eras. As told by masterful storyteller Mary Lee Partington and played up brilliantly by Ed Sweeney, ‘Commonplaces’ comes to life right before our very ears.

This new record features: Mary Lee Partington on vocals, Ed Sweeney on guitar and banjo, Sheila Falls on fiddle and Torrin Ryan on uilleann pipes, flute & whistle. Together, they invite you to head back in time to ‘Commonplaces’ through the sounds of traditional & original folk music. The CD starts up with a terrific number called “The Manchester Mule Spinner” that is wonderfully orchestrated. This song comes to life and glides along elegantly by way of pristine storytelling. Next, we hear “Times A Getting Hard Boys” that provides a slowed-down tempo and solemn demeanor that is both sweet ‘n’ subtle. Track three, “Young But Daily A Growing”, will have you dancing a jig to this musical crop that is ripened to perfection. Sailing along, we make a stop at “Deer Island” where a nautical vibe dominates all of the layers. This song is right on course, so full speed ahead to “Deer Island”! Track five, “New England’s Daughter”, is strumming along at a steady pace while the following number, “Like Bread Upon The Water”, supplies a welcoming and comforting aura to the listeners. The 7-song set ends on a stellar note with “So Here’s To You” as a fantastic melody instantly pulls you in. With superb instrumentation in place, “So Here’s To You” Partington & Sweeney AND to a job well done!

Partington & Sweeney are an excellent duo who know how to tap into a place and specific period of time. Through creative lyrics and well-versed music, ‘Commonplaces’ will have your imagination running wild. I recommend taking a listen to the new album by Partington & Sweeney and can’t wait to hear the next chapter and journey! To Be Continued…

By Jimmy Rae (