How to Support Those Suffering From Emotional Abuse?

The thing with physical bruises and wounds is that they are visible, and people see that treat you as you are sick and give you space and care that you need. On the contrary, the emotional scars are not visible, and more often than not, they are very difficult to heal and take really long.

One of the reasons that makes it too difficult to heal from the emotional scars and abuse is that people around you are insensitive about your feelings and your trauma. It can make it very difficult for a person to move on if they don’t have the right support.

If you don’t want to be insensitive towards emotional abuse and scars of others, then here’s what you need to do:

Hear Them Out and Be There for Them

If you want to make sure that you are one of those people who become the reason for someone’s growth and healing, then you must listen to whatever they have to say. Understand the fact that the person suffering from emotional abuse wants to be heard, and when they truly feel heard, the process of their healing begins.

Don’t tell them That They Should Try Harder

When someone is going through a rough patch in life, all they need is your support. You must know that they are trying their best to beat the odds and come out stronger from their situation. You must not tell them that they can do better because they are already trying, and all need is your support and empathy.

Understand and Validate Their Experiences

If you really want to help someone suffering from emotional abuse, then you must make sure that you validate their experience. Become their John Doe and tell their story to the world to make them feel understood and heard.